15 Reasons Why A Capricorn Mom Is The BFF Everyone Needs

Full disclosure: I am a Capricorn. So when I say that everyone needs a Capricorn mom friend, that may sound self-serving, boastful, or vain. But honestly, and despite being born on December 27, planting me firmly in the realm of the goat-fish thingy (seriously, have you seen they way they're depicted? So weird), I feel like I possess so few of the classic Capricornian character traits. I'm a misfit Capricorn, y'all. I'm like Herbie from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Yes, he was born to be one of Santa's elves, but he just wants to be a dentist and wonders why he doesn't fit in.

Yet while birth date may not necessarily indicate if you're going to possess Capricornian traits, I contend that there are, indeed, "Capricorn mom friends" out there. They exist as an archetype. Maybe they'll actually be Capricorns. Maybe some of them are born under Aries or Libra but nevertheless give off strong Capricorn vibes. If she were a Golden Girl she would be Dorothy. If she were on Sex and the City she would be Miranda. If she were in a Hogwarts house she would be in Slytherin, but one of the good Slytherins.

A Capricorn mom friend is a natural executive: she always has a plan and her eyes on the prize. She sees big pictures, and this may often mean she blends personal and professional style — in friendships, with her children, and with any organizations she works with or volunteers for. She is unfailingly loyal, determined, practical, and loyal. For these reasons and more, Capricorn moms are an invaluable member of your mom squad.

They Are Natural Leaders

Your Capricorn friend will always be ready, willing, and able to take the lead on a project you've been assigned at work or through the PTA. If you mention that you'd like to try a DIY project at your house she'll organize a play date and activity for the kids so that the two of you can sit down and figure out how you're going to approach it. She's a hit-the-ground-running, hands-on kinda gal.

They're Responsible

Capricorns are often really good at adulting long before they're adults. You know the type: they're the kids teachers trusted with keys because they knew they'd never use that power for evil. They're the kind of people who are just preternaturally able to deal with life. Couple that with the superpowers moms just naturally obtain as they grow in their role of "parent," and that's a really handy friend to have. You will never have to ask "Do I trust her to babysit/watch the cat while we're away/house sit/give a good recommendation/etc?" These friends ooze capability and sound judgment.

They Get Sh*t Done

All day, every day. They don't know how not to. Even if it's difficult, they're going to find a way, either through delegation or determination. Holiday party in your kids' class? She's going to come up with a list of things for everyone to do to make it happen. Bumping up against a deadline at work? She'll be pulling all-nighters without complaint. Need help getting ready for house-guests? She will give you a list of her itinerary from when her in-laws were in town in order to help you be as prepared as possible.

They Work Well Under Pressure

Because whatever they've set out to do is going to happen, so why panic about it?

They've Got A Great Sense Of Humor

Capricorns are known as perhaps the most serious of all the star signs, but that doesn't mean they're joyless or can't take a joke. Their sharp wit and withering sarcasm is among one of their strongest assets, even though they may reserve it for those closest to them (lucky you). Playground chat is never dull when you're there with a Capricorn.

They Are Able To Give You Tough Love When You Need It

But emphasis on the love. Capricorns are straightforward by nature. They're not unkind or awkwardly blunt (*cough cough Sagittarius cough cough*), but they will let you know hard truths when the truth will set you free. Don't worry: they'll help you formulate a plan to make everything better.

You Never Have To Guess What They Mean Or Where You Stand

Again, they're very straightforward. They will let you know. They are not coy or cagey. They have no time for mind games. Besides, if they're talking to you they like you (or they need something from you to help them reach their goals, but, again, they will be up front about that). Capricorns tend to be people with a close inner circle rather than a whole lot of mid-level friends. Lucky you! A Capricorn's inner circle is an excellent place to be.

They're Not Clingy

Capricorns are great friends, but they treasure their independence. So if you can't get together next week, that's OK. They're not going to take it personally. They will respect your space and need some of their own.

They Can Be Shade Queens

When that withering sarcasm and rapier wit turns dark, no one can throw shade like a Capricorn. Now I'm not advocating incivility, to be sure, but sometimes it's fun. Like when you're just hanging out and making judgments about characters on a TV show, or that one asshole who really, really deserves it.

This is a benefit of being in the Capricorn inner circle. Enjoy it.

They Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice

Capricorns are meticulous and always want to get ahead, so they pay careful attention to where things go wrong in an effort to never let them go wrong in the same way again. So if a Capricorn has wronged you, it may take a little while for their stubborn-selves to admit it, but they will not do it again.

They Have Impeccable Intuition

They are great at reading people. They know which moms to go over and chat with at parent pick-up because they would be an excellent addition to the "inner circle." They know which child was instigating a fight between your kids. They know who to talk (and how to talk to them) to get the proper approval for a neighborhood block party.

They Love Traditions

Anniversaries, holidays, set playdates, maybe a monthly gathering for cocktails and bitching? Capricorn moms take comfort in routine, and can find some fun ones to establish with her friends.

They Do Not Back Down From A Challenge

Ever. Like, never ever. This is, after all, the goat sign. Have you ever dealt with a goat? Those are tenacious little suckers. Also they're tiny and four-legged but capable of scaling mountains. You don't get to that point without persistence.

They Are Going Places

Now I'm not saying you should latch onto people just because they're going to do well and have influence, but it doesn't hurt if you have friends that do well and have influence. (Besides, Capricorns can be a bit status-obsessed, so they get it.)

They Will Be Your Rock

Capricorns are good at (and take pride in) being a shoulder to cry on, a port in a storm, a home base, and an all-around badass gal pal. Being a mom is hard, so having a Capricorn by your side (especially one who is a fellow mom) can make it just a little bit more manageable.

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