17 Hilarious Halloween Memes To Share With Anybody Who Loves Jack-O-Lanterns & Jokes


Halloween is the best holiday in the history of ever. How can you go wrong with a holiday steeped in history, fun, and chocolate? I legitimately start decorating for Halloween in the middle of September, and I don't care if people judge me for it. You can pry my glittery pumpkins and talking candy dish from my cold, dead hands. Needless to say, I love a good Halloween meme. It just shows how there are many others who share my passion for the spooky-sweet holiday. So I found 17 Halloween memes to surprise and delight your senses this October 31.

From scary reminders of horror movies past, to laughs about "sexy' costumes and overdoing it on candy, there's a Halloween meme for everyone. The great thing about memes is that they're so democratic. Literally anyone with a good idea and access to YouTube can make one. (Of course, that's also it's biggest drawback. People don't realize that some of the memes are made of real people with real feelings, and that they can be hurtful.) But Halloween memes that stick to pop culture references and universally freaky and/or hilarious seasonal experiences are all in good fun, because everybody's in on the joke. So if you're looking for memes to share during this, the spookiest of seasons, look no further!

1. He Comes In The Middle Of The Night


You say your name is "Jake?" That's totally a 1980's horror story villain name. You're either a jock who murders kids in tents, or you're coming back to slaughter your whole family, and oops, a whole bunch of people were in front of your machete. I see you, Jake from State Farm. (I hope those dudes have life insurance.)

2. Seriously, Though

The answer is always the dog. Always.

3. I'm Like, A Makeup Expert Now


It's a valid argument. I mean, have you seen the makeup jobs roaming the streets on Halloween? This is why masks were invented.

4. He's Eternal. Literally.

Gary Oldman wins the vampire game every time. Sure, R-Pat was sexy, but there's just something about Oldman's Count that warms my cooling, dying, heart.

5. It's Like They Don't Care At All

He has issues. He's working on them. So he's a little aggressive. So he's a tad obsessed with his sister. OK, maybe it's not great.

6. Precisely

If you haven't seen Hocus Pocus at least 100 times, are you even a millennial?

I am honestly watching this again tonight, and I am not even a little ashamed to admit it. It's the best Halloween movie in the history of the world. If you disagree... you're wrong. Honorable mention to Casper.

7. Why Is That Sexy Again?


I will admit to donning a few "sexy" costumes in my day. Sexy Lumberjack was a hit; I was a sexy piggy bank, which wasn't so well-translated; and I've been a sexy Mr. Met.

I've never considered a box with arms very sexy, though. Lesson learned. I am saving my Prime containers.

8. It's In The Cards, Duh

She can see into the wheel of time with each glance in the mirror. You can see yourself aging in her face. It's a gift and a curse.

9. Standing Ovation


This marks you as a winner.

I will judge the crap out of you if you're handing out anything other than candy to kids. I get it if you have a separate bowl for kids with diabetes or who are allergic to things. But if your "go-to" is a toothbrush or pack of balloons, you are not the best.

10. I Mean Honestly, I Get It


There are just so many Snickers bars. I know that sharing is caring, but eating Snickers bars alone in the bathroom with the light off while reading on your iPhone is self-care, am I right? (Even if they did misspell "off" in this meme, the sentiment is valid.)

11. I Look The Same

Don't tell me magic isn't real. Don't believe me? How does your iPhone work? See? Magic.

12. Surprise!

She looks so happy here. In the before place.

13. Maybe Your Mom Folded Them?

Oh Michael Myers, you creepy murderous bad brother, you.

14. A Twist On The Hyper Local Movement

Beware of breadcrumbs and dropped candy leading to dark forests.

15. But... I Made Plans

We've all been there.

16. I'm Never Sleeping Again

I'm just going to go brew a pot (or 20) of coffee right about now.

17. And Here We Are Again


Admit it, you're already looking at ornaments on Amazon.