20 Elf On The Shelf Girl Names To Put Your Family In The Holiday Spirit

It's about that time of year again for the tiny Christmas elves to come out of their hiding place and wreak havoc on their homes, spreading mischief and magic through Christmas day. If your elf is a girl, you may need some inspo for Elf on the Shelf girl names. While I always appreciate the family who gives their elves ironic and normal names like "Tiffany" the elf, or go old school and name her "Sally," nothing will get you in the Christmas spirit like having your naughty elf have a Christmas-inspired name.

Maybe your little elf named Cookie will be nice this year and have some baked cookies ready to snack on the next day for your family before she heads back to tell Santa about her observations, or Candycane can be ready to give your kids a little peppermint treat after dinner if they've been really nice that day. And if you name your elf "Wunorse Openslae," I salute you and hope you have access to a tiny elf-sized horse or reindeer and a red sleigh for her to ride back to the North Pole in to give her reports on how well your children are behaving. These names will definitely get your family in the holiday spirit, and perhaps give your kids a one-up on other children to Santa.



You can't have the holidays without a candy cane, it's the law. And though many folks try to paint a picture of the candy cane as being a religious thing, its origins are actually not religious at all. The candy cane actually came from candy maker Bob McCormack's candy store Bob's Candies in Albany, Georgia, back in the '20s, according to the Georgia Encyclopedia website.



Like the classic holiday song, Silverbell just has a magical ring to it — pun totally intended. The song "Silver Bells" was originally called "Tinkle Bells," according to the website Today I Found Out. "To make matters slightly more humorous, Silver Bells originally appeared in the The Lemon Drop Kid, a 1951 film starring Bob Hope. Needless to say, these two things would have surely resulted in the song getting a few chuckles, had composer Jay Livingston’s wife, Lynne Gordon, not stepped in," the website noted.



Greenery and Ivy make me think of the holidays and yule, and I think it would be a pretty cute elf name, too. Ivy means "faithfulness" according to SheKnows.



The name Noel literally means "Christmas," according to Nameberry. Slap an "le" at the end to make it extra feminine and you have the perfect name for a girl Christmas elf.



I don't care how Grinchy you are, when you hear Nat King Cole croon, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." in The Christmas Song, you get in the Christmas spirit, dang it. And if you name your Elf on the Shelf Chestnut, I bet you'll get into the holiday spirit yourself whenever you look at her.



A classic stocking stuffer and cookie topper, Gumdrop just sounds fun and magical for an elf name, no?



Pepper Minstix was chief of security and guardian of Father Christmas' secret village according to The description didn't say whether Pepper was a girl or boy elf, but I definitely think a girl could have been chief of security for Santa, right?



What better name for a Christmas elf than the object that adorns most people's trees every year?



Shinny Upatree is Santa's oldest friend, and co-founder of the secret village, according to Pronounced shin-knee, I think this is a unique and perfect tribute to Santa's right-hand elf.



"Tinsel, not just for decoration," according to the elves who "busted out Santa Claus" from jail in The Santa Clause.



It just isn't the holidays until you hear the song Jingle Bells 80 thousand times. Plus Jingle is a pretty adorable name for an elf.


Sugarplum says Sugarplum Mary assists Ms. Claus in the kitchen and is head of the sweet treats department. Plus there are also the Sugar Plum Fairies in The Nutcracker, so you really can't go wrong with this name.


Wunorse Openslae

The designer of Santa's sleigh and keeper of the reindeer, Wunorse Openslae is a pretty honorable little Christmas elf, according to Plus the pun is too good not to use for an elf name.



Carol of the Bells is one of my favorite holiday songs, and I think naming your Elf on the Shelf Bell would be a fitting tribute.



Whether in your coffee, in your hot chocolate, or in your holiday cookies, cinnamon is a pretty tasty and festive ingredient, as well as a festive elf name.



Holly and Ivy were originally used during Winter Solstice festivals to "ward off evil spirits" and "celebrate new growth," according to I bet your elf would be a good defender of your home from evil spirits if you named her Holly.



Gingerbread houses or gingerbread snaps can be found in most homes that celebrate the holiday. Ginger is a good homage to the ingredient that keeps on giving over the holiday season — gingerbread houses feel like they last forever, y'all.



My favorite family tradition is sipping hot cocoa with all the lights off except the Christmas lights and watching White Christmas. I think the name Cocoa would be fitting for a sweet and warm elf.



If only we had these on Christmas Eve (or even around the holidays really) in Georgia. I guess I can live vicariously through my elf if I name her Snowflake.



Not only Santa's favorite food in the entire world, but a fun holiday tradition for many families is to bake cookies. I bet your elf will be particularly sweet if you name her Cookie.