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27 Moms Reveal The One Trait Their Child *Definitely* Got From Them

The minute you hold your new baby in your arms you search for traces of yourself in them. If you're genetically connected to your child, you're literally in the building blocks of who they are. But I think the act of being their parent is more significant, because from day one you'll be leaving a thousand indelible imprints on them. Eventually, you'll see those imprints reflected back at you, too. Romper asked moms to reveal the one trait their child definitely got from them and the answers were entertaining as hell, to say the least.

My kids have a good amount of their father in them — particularly my son — but every one in a while they're like miniature versions of me. It manifests in a number of different ways, including but certainly not limited to: my son's propensity to cry when he's happy, and my daughter trying to smooth over tension by cracking a joke or giving a hug. But the hallmark of me that is glaringly obvious in my kids is just how extra the three of us all are. It's not that we're drama llamas, but we're really dramatic. We do everything big — dream, feel, emote, laugh. I recently compared my pre-school report cards to my children's and, honestly, they could have been a cut and past job. "Enthusiastic." "Social." "Gets very upset when things don't go their way." You know... extra.

Everything we do, and everything we don't do, is leaving a mark on our children. They're always watching us, always listening to us, and always learning from our mannerisms, declarations, and definitely our actions. So with that in mind, here's what other moms had to say about how their little apples didn't fall too far from the tree:


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"Parenting one of my 4-year-old twin girls is like trying to parent myself. She likes control but has a sensitive heart... just like I do. She also cares way to much about what other people think of her. We are both working on that. Oh, and she can fake cry like no other to get her way. My husband falls for it every time but I’m always like, 'Girl, I invented that game. Pull it together.'”


"Watching TV sitting upside down on the couch! I used to hang my feet over the back of the couch and watch TV with blood rushing to my head. I never told my daughter that, but she does it too."


"My children are both procrastinating perfectionists, just like me. I’m sorry kids. But my older son also finds the same things beautiful that I do, and that always feels good."


"She is stubborn as f*ck."


"[My child], at nearly 11, still has trouble with how their body relates to the 3-dimensional world. In other words, they are clumsy in a really unique way that is 100 percent me. Like, we've lived in our house for 12 years, yet I consistently open cabinets into my head, like I don't really know where my head exists in relation to an open door. Exactly the same with [my child]. They'll walk through the open door way between the front room and living room (as they've done literally thousands of times). It's hilarious to us, because my husband doesn't get how I manage to hurt myself all the time, and now seeing [my child] do it too is extra funny."


"My daughter is very sarcastic. Blisteringly so. She’s only 9."


"My kid will literally cry seeing someone else get hurt. She feels their pain. Especially an emotional hurt. She senses it and it just tears her up."


"Music. I played multiple instruments and was in honors bands without practicing much, if at all. My older son has picked up music just as easily and made honors band, too. He does not practice ever. My younger son with ASD and apraxia has had trouble with everything — walking, eating, talking, etc. — but he has a real knack for piano and rhythms."


"Both my children have zero interest in learning to ride a bike. I didn’t learn to ride one until I was 12, and it was not from lack of my parents/sister/friends trying to convince me to do it."


"My eldest’s need for things to be right. And, also, his need to be right. We’re a charming pair."


"They have inherited my stubbornness, fortunately and unfortunately. But my eldest has got my empathy and my way-too-sensitive sensitivity, which is also a blessing and a curse for both of us. I love that she cares and feels so deeply but I know how hard that sh*t can be."


"I 100 percent handed down my fear of vomit."


"My oldest and youngest inherited my love of the outdoors and the need to explore. My middle one definitely has my love for reading."


"My son is my son to the point where I feel bad for my husband. He is 3 and is super organized. Everything has a place and has to be just so or he gets upset. I also think he has a photographic memory, as do I. He also has a sponge for a brain. He learned his new karate creed in two read-throughs and has memorized many of his books. That was so me. And he has an intense and gentle love for ALL animals, like me."


"My son is a picky eater, just like I was. I felt very misunderstood as a child and now I'm trying not to judge or force anything. I just let him eat what he wants when he wants and, most importantly, I will not allow tears at the dinner table."


"My middle daughter is clumsy and messy and hates talking about her real feelings, the ones that are just hers. She’s me. My husband has expressed panic that he’s not sure how he’s going to handle living with two of us."


"She can tell a pretty convincing whopper of a lie. For instance, she had her aftercare instructor convinced she was a twin, and that her twin went to a different school because the twin wasn't learning Spanish. I walked in one day and the director was all, 'I had no idea Vivi had a twin.' Like, he legit believed it."


"My son is nothing like me in temperament (he's quiet and mellow) but is like me in that he loves being surrounded by people and lots of friends. My daughter has my temperament. She's funny and likes to talk a lot. Both my children have my strong sense of justice, which they've shown since they were toddlers. They get very upset if they see someone being wronged by another. My son will get an authority but my daughter will stand up for people and put a stop to it herself."


"Both of my girls talk to themselves. All. The. Time. Me too, especially as a kid. Making up stories. Reminding myself of something. Going over a list in my head. Solving a problem... whatever. My poor husband. He lives with three constant and ongoing stream of consciousnesses. The only upside is that a 2-year-old talking to themselves is hilarious!"


My daughter looks nothing like me but her personality is very similar to mine. She shares my very quick temper, my love of reading, my love of cooking, and my curiosity.


"Like me, when she’s comfortable, my daughter is a chatterbox. She’s also a big fan of following the rules and doesn’t like when people aren’t. She definitely got that from me, too!"


"My daughter cries at everything, good or bad. And just like me, she cries with a smile on her face. My son has the ability to hear a song once and memorize the song lyrics instantly. Unlike me, he can actually sing, though."


"With my daughter it's basically like they cloned me, added in a few minor personality traits from my husband, and then just turned up the volume. I love that she's confident and a hard worker like me. Also she can make herself sound like she knows way more about something than she does, and basically can act like an expert about anything with minimal knowledge. She gets that from me, too. My son is basically a smaller, less messy version of my husband."


"My oldest is an empath like me, is sensitive, cares too much about what other people think of him, and likes a clean work space/home. My second is laid back, not competitive at all, and a take-it-or-leave-it personality like me."


"My 7-year-old is crazy competitive and an extremely sore loser, just like me. She has two younger brothers and I have two older, though, so it is interesting to see that she's very motherly and I never was."


"The talking. Oh lord, I never thought I’d meet someone who had the gift for gab until my son hit 4. It has been NONSTOP for three years now. I think he gets a quota that he has to hit each day."


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"My daughter is my mini (in looks and personality) and has been from the day she was born. I'm a very outgoing person who loves to talk and needs to talk through things to process. My 7-year-old is the exact same way. Good thing my husband is the strong/silent type. He doesn't stand a chance to join the conversation."