28 Surprising Questions Men Most Want To Ask OB-GYNs

Visiting the OB-GYN is something most cis-women start doing during their teen years. In my experience, that meant by the time I reached adulthood, I felt like I could ask my OB-GYN pretty much anything. It never really occurred to me that men wouldn't feel equally open and forthcoming with their partner's doctor about the mysteries of obstetrics and gynecology. Then, I asked my husband, and it turned out, he had questions, but didn't feel right asking, considering I was their patient. When I asked other men, I found out that they, too, had questions they want to ask OB-GYNs, which I have to admit was kind of surprising, considering most men I know are loathe to admit they don't know everything.

It turns out that if given the opportunity, many guys would ask OB-GYNs questions about sex. Others also want to know about their partners' (and daughters') health — like what exactly goes on during an annual visit to the gynecologist, and how periods work — and also things like what inspired OB-GYNs to pursue a career in reproductive medicine, and what it's like to catch babies for a living. Some sweetly wondered how they could best support their partners through the ups and downs of their monthly cycle and the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. Others, well, they had no questions — at least none they would admit to in public.

To hear some of the burning questions men have for OB-GYNs, ranging from "found on Google" to really freaking good questions, and some that might make you shake your head, read on:

Robert, 28

"What's the strangest thing you've witnessed?"

C.S., 34

"What's the most rewarding part of your job? It must be amazing to see kids you've delivered grow up. Do you ever get surprised at how they turned out?"


"Do you have any suggestions for improving our sex life?"

Jay, 37

"Do you ever get embarrassed or self-conscious during your day-to-day?"

Donald, 39

"Would you say that women are well-informed about their health issues or is there a lot of misinformation out there?"


"My question is about a hysterectomy. With the uterus and cervix removed, is there just a big cavernous open space at the end of the vagina?"

Dallas, 40

"Is it risky getting pregnant after having previously had an abortion?"


"Are women fairly honest during their appointments or do you have to read between the lines?"

Joe, 32

"What's the deal with breastfeeding versus formula feeding? What do I need to know, as a dad?"

Guy, 29

"Does the PAP test screen for all STDs or just some of them?"

Michael, 36

"If my wife is having the worst period. How can I help?"

David, 34

"If we are trying to get pregnant, is it true that her standing on her head after sex will help?"


"My wife is pregnant. Can she get the flu shot?"

Jake, 41

"When should my wife to start going in for mammograms?"


"Do 'Kegels' really work?"

Steve, 40

"Is the HPV vaccine generally safe?"


Are mastectomies hard to recover from? How can I support someone in my life going through one?

Alex, 42

"What age should my daughter start seeing a gynecologist? Can she go by herself, or does one of us need to take her"

Jason, 36

Is there anything you can do about hot flashes?

Rich, 38

"Are there any special considerations for providing medical care to transgender women and men?"


How long will it be after giving birth before she will be interested in sex again?

Toby, 39

How long does postpartum depression last? How can I tell my wife I'm worried about her?


"Is squirting just pee or is it magic?"


"Why did you choose your profession?"


"So, about ovulation — does the body have a cycle of choosing which ovary releases the egg? Is there a set pattern or is that completely random? Also, dude, can a women feel in the build up to her period, you know cramps and all, which side the egg was released from?"


"Do male OB-GYNs ever get turned on by giving exams?"


"If my partner shaves her public hair, is she more or less likely to get a yeast infection?"

Dave, 42

"Is there a gland (is that in the clit?) that makes the vagina 'wet' or is it more like pores, like the Vahjayjay sweating?"

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