Candace Ganger

9 Signs You're Killing It As A Millennial Mom

There's a ton of stuff I'm insecure about. My body, the way I come off to others in conversation, whether or not my anxiety is evident on the outside. There's one thing I'm fairly confident in, though, and that's parenting. Of course, I make mistakes and sometimes feel like a massive failure (like every other parent out there) but I can't deny the signs I'm killing it as a millennial mom. My kids are awesome in ways I never was and still have a ways to go. High fives to them, right?

Raising kids in today's political climate isn't as complicated as I thought it would be. It's pushed uncomfortable conversations to the forefront and, I think, giving my children a real safe haven in me. They have questions about the world I never had because we were living in a different time. I love that I can sit with my daughter and talk about equality at the same time I'm teaching my son about feminism.

While some scoff at the thought of raising kids in this time and when so much regarding our country and its future is uncertain, I'm proud to. They are the next generation of leaders so if I can play a small part in helping them navigate their beliefs and views, I'm honored to do so. You'll see someday. These babes are the future, and it's all thank to me (not really, but let me have my moment).

Your Kids Are Highly Independent

My kids want to do everything themselves and while sometimes it's frustrating — like when we're in a hurry — I'm so grateful they know the power they have. I've always been pretty independent so to see them pave their own paths is pretty cool. I imagine them growing into future leaders; the example for which everything is set. Maybe that's spoken like a true mom, doting on my own, but if they're this independent now I can only imagine what the rest of their lives hold. I must be doing something right, right? If your kids are of the "I'll do it" mindset, kudos!

They School Everyone On Politics

It's kind of hard to avoid politics these days but we don't shy away from it here. I use what's going on in the world as teaching lessons because I want my kids to know and understand the country we live in, our rights and freedoms.

Being a millennial mom, to me, means making sure my children are aware (to an extent, of course) of things happening around us and how we can use our voices to create change if we don't like the results.

They're All About Equality And Compassion

When I was little, my parents didn't use things like time-outs as punishment. While every parent has their own method, and we're all doing the best we can, I've seen better results in kneeling down to my kids' level, looking them in the eye, and showing understanding and compassion as opposed to, say, a spank (like I had).

It's not always easy to maintain my composure when upset over something they've done or said, but it's important I raise my kids to be empathetic so that means, I have to lead by example. The world needs more compassion so I hope my parenting style puts two more loving souls in the path of those in need of it.

You've Maintained A Career...

For awhile I was a stay-at-home mom, while putting work aside. Staying home is really hard work with no beginning or end.

However, once I started feeling like I'd lost myself, I decided I'd get back to what I loved if I could do it from home. It took some maneuvering to figure out what worked best with both my career and kids, but we've finally found our footing. Now, I can't imagine not working. It's something that fulfills me in ways other things can't. I'm not saying I'm amazing at "doing it all" all the time, because it's hard to balance. But I think the kids benefit from me having something outside of them (and I agree).

...And Sense Of Self

It's easy to get lost in being a parent. I've done it, and still do at times. In putting myself first sometimes, whether it's working or running, I'm guaranteeing my children see the best of me.

Millennial moms do things that make themselves happy often, because it's not selfish it's necessary. Besides, no one wants me (and all my grumpiness) on a day I didn't get a run in. No joke.

You Know The Importance Of Technology

We live in an age where technology rules. Millennial moms get that. Long gone are the days of dial-up internet and phone calls over texting because the world has evolved and we have evolved as a species. My kids know how to troubleshoot apps on my phone, text their grandparents, and navigate websites (with parental control and guidance, of course) to help with homework.

If they didn't know these things, they'd be behind and if they're behind, they can't lead the free world someday.

You Care About The Planet For Future Generations

Our planet is tired. You know you're killing it as a millennial mom when you, and your family, make responsible choices to help our planet instead of contribute to the destruction.

Whether that's weekly recycling, going vegan, or simply being aware of our changing climate, you're involved in making sure earth is still here for future generations to come.

You're Always Trying To Better Yourself

Aside from putting yourself first, kick-ass moms also take necessary steps to try to be a better version of themselves today than they were yesterday. As I said, I run because, if I don't, everyone suffers the consequences of my bad attitude. I also meditate and stretch at the end of every day to clear the negativity from my mind. Whatever I can find to be better, I try it. It's important my kids see we're imperfect but to never stop trying.

You Stand Up For Yourself And What's Right

Now more than ever, it's important to teach our children to stand up for what they believe in — whatever it is. We live in a nation where we have the right to free speech (for now) and the right to protest (for now). If we have a voice, we can use it to make change. Whether or not my kids choose to doesn't matter as much as the fact that I'm trying to instill in them, unlike other places in the world, they can, if they want to.

Being a millennial mom, I've heard a lot of criticism about what "kind" of kids we're raising. Between technology, politics, and ever-changing beliefs, it'd be harder to fight against all of this. Honestly though, why would I? As a mother who wants what's best for her kids, and wants to ensure they're aware of the world we live in and all they have to offer it, I'd say I'm killing it (so far!). To all you other millennial moms doing the very same, please know, you are, too.