9 Things Lazy Moms Don't Worry About When It Comes To Their Kid's Clothes

I think I've pretty much established that I'm a "lazy mom," and that I'm totally OK owning that label. There are too many things in life to worry about as is, so I really try not to sweat the small stuff these days. With that in mind, I'm here to tell you there are things lazy moms don't worry about with their kids' clothes, for the exact same reason; life is too short to spend time stressing over how kids look, when all they really want to do is run around, play in the dirt, and make an extravagant mess that I'm definitely obligated to clean up.

Sometimes, I wonder what people think of my kids. I've taken my son to daycare wearing his favorite necklace, and my daughter's leggings are almost all above her ankles these days (thank the heavens it's summer). Then I look around at the other kids, and I can spot a few who obviously have self-proclaimed "lazy moms" too, and I stop worrying so much. Lazy moms know that a tiny hole in their kid's pants is par for the course, and that it's a waste to throw them out right away. Lazy moms certainly aren't going to throw away their kid's leggings because he or she slid around in the dirt with them, and now they just happen to a s lightly darker around the bum. Those are great for wearing to the park and, well, clothes are expensive.

Honestly, we already live in a society that wastes far too much of everything. Wearing hand-me-downs and slightly worn clothes, when you're a kid, is perfectly acceptable. It's not like they're going to fit into them six months from now anyway, right? At least, that's what this lazy mom thinks. Here are nine things lazy moms don't worry about when it comes to their kid's clothes, because I have other stuff to devote my worry to.

Whether Their Outfits Match

I won't lie–there's a part of me that cringes when my daughter insists on wearing hot pink tights underneath her red sparkly Christmas dress to school. I do buy separates that match, but I don't sweat it when my daughter decides to take matters into her own hands. She's making her own decisions, which is a huge win as far as I'm concerned.

The Perfect Fit

My family doesn't have a lot of disposable income, so we rely pretty heavily on hand-me-downs from friends with older kids. My daughter is ridiculously skinny but long-limbed, so when she gets leggings or skirts that actually fit around the waist, I don't worry if they're a bit on the short side. There are worse things in life.

Whether It's Already Been Worn Once (Or Twice)

If it looks clean and it doesn't smell, I am perfectly OK with my kids wearing an item of clothing again (and even again, if I'm being honest). When my kids were babies, they often wore clothes several days in a row because it saved me an extra trip to the washing machine.

How Wrinkly A Shirt Is

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that my iron hasn't seen the light of day since my kids have been born. Almost embarrassed, but not quite. The reality is that my kids aren't going to have any less fun today, due to the fact that their shirts have wrinkles.

Whether An Outfit Is "Dressy" Enough For A Certain Occasion

It's not that I don't buy "dressy" outfits for my kids because, you know, I love the adorable dresses and shirts you can get. If my daughter is refusing to put that dress on for a family dinner, though, I am not spending an afternoon trying to cajole her into wearing it. It's seriously not worth the stress.

Trendy Clothing

I have three words for you: not worth it. Those adorable sneakers the light up when you walk? I'm not spending the extra money to have my kid wear them until the battery runs out, and then refuse to wear them anymore.

The Occasional Hole Or Stain

Obviously we're not talking about a major hole or a horrific stain, but I'm not throwing out the new pajamas my daughter absentmindedly used to rub off the butterfly that was painted on her face. The stain never came out, but the pajamas as just as soft and comfortable as the first day she wore them, so we'll all survive.

Whether Clothing Is "Gender Appropriate"

My son has been wearing his older sister's hand-me-down shoes this whole year. Pink runners, purple Crocs™, he doesn't care, he just wants to run in them. I don't care, either, because "gender appropriate" clothes aren't a thing. Seriously, an article of clothing doesn't have a gender, and I am not going to limit my son's (or daughter's) choices just because our society has arbitrarily decided what is a "boy's shirt" and what is a "girl's shirt." Nope.

When Their Friends Have The Same Shirt Or Jacket

Let's be honest, the only person who's likely to feel embarrassed about seeing the same outfit on two different kids is the other mom, because I know the kids won't care and I certainly don't, either. When I was little, my friends and I used to love it when we accidentally wore the exact same outfit. It meant we were psychically connected.