You Can Now *Grow* Your Own Baby Yoda In Chia Pet Form & This Is The Way

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Lovingly nicknamed Baby Yoda by his adoring fans, you can soon refer to The Mandalorian's tiny green guy as "The Ch-Ch-Ch Child" when you bring home a Baby Yoda Chia Pet. In addition to your nine pairs of Baby Yoda Mickey Ears, your baby's Baby Yoda moccasins, and your kid's Baby Yoda Operation game, your home can now house one more piece of Mandalorian merch to fuel your fandom for the rest of eternity.

The breakout star of Disney's The Mandalorian is set to be immortalized in clay form available to purchase sometime later this year, according to a report from The Pop Insider, who spotted the decorative planter at the New York Toy Fair. Baby Yoda will join the ranks of many Chia Pet stars before him including the cast of The Golden Girls, iconic artist Bob Ross, and the equally lovable galactic hero Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you're anything like me, the thought of adding one more living thing to your household probably just sent shivers down your spine. I don't have much of a green thumb, but can assure you that Chia Pets are typically notoriously easy to care for. (Unless of course your Chia Pet sprouts mold like Romper editor Samantha Darby's did. The cause for her moldy mistake is still a mystery.)

A Chia Pet's green sprouts will usually keep growing and growing as long as you keep them watered, but if you run into any issues, you can always start fresh with a new seed packet. Keeping your Chia Pet watered is a fun and easy project for kids, so if you have any mini Madalorian fans at home, this planter will definitely get two green thumbs up from them.

The Child's flying pod serves as the base of the clay planter and the Chia seeds will sprout greenery in the areas surrounding that adorable little Baby Yoda face. Although it can't actually fly, the decorative planter can add a pop of greenery and the charming appeal of The Child to any part of your home. The entire planter is made of orange clay, save for The Child's dark black eyes, which look just as mysterious on this Chia Pet as they do in the show. And yet, those same eyes that hold all of the secrets of a Jedi master are also adorable and heartwarming.

These same mysteriously endearing qualities keep fans enthralled with all things Baby Yoda. If you haven't yet pondered why The Child makes some women's maternal instincts kick in so hard that they want to breastfeed Baby Yoda, you probably haven't watched enough episodes yet. Just give it time.

From the tips of his sprawling ears to his outstretched three-pronged paw wielding all the power of The Force, I would basically do anything to have a real Baby Yoda of my own to love. (Even though I still squirm every time I see him swallow a frog whole.) And it seems like other fans just can't get enough Baby Yoda either. On The Pop Insider's Instagram post of the Baby Yoda Chia Pet, one user commented, "Baby Yoda is about to take all my money..." while another posted their desire to have one immediately and asked, "Where and how to we get these?"

The details of when, where, and how to get your hands on this must-have addition to the Chia Pet family have yet to be released, but one thing is for sure — Baby Yoda fandom is here to stay. When these Chia Pets finally do hit shelves, you will find me first in line, clamoring to get my hands on one.

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