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8 Ways Kid No. 1 Will Trick You Into Thinking You're Ready For Kid No. 2

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In my opinion, the only decision more difficult than the choice to have a child, is the choice to have another child. In fact, for me, figuring out whether or not I was ready for baby number two was a more difficult task than figuring out if I could handle baby number one. And you want to know why? Because my first child had a lot to say about it.

Well, he had a lot to say in his own way. While he did eventually flat out ask for a sibling, my kid was actively tricking me into thinking I was ready for a second baby long before he could utter the words "big brother or big sister." And that's not to say I wasn't ready when my second child was born, but I will say that, well, I wasn't as ready as I thought I was.

Look, having two kids is hard! I mean, there's two of them! Which means double the responsibilities, double the kid-related purchases, and double the worry. But it also means double the love (yes, you can say "awww" if you'd like), and, in the end, not being entirely ready and having to learn on the fly is more than worth it when I look at my two sons.

So if you're wondering if baby number two is right for you, and you think your oldest is trying to tell you something, here are just a few ways kid number one is trying to convince you to have kid number two:

They'll Sleep Through The Night

You're finally getting some sleep, and that sleep has you convinced that you could handle the whole "no sleeping at night" thing again. You can't, my dear friend. I mean, you can, but oh man is it going to suck. And you want to know why? Because now you're acutely aware of just how bad the no-sleeping phase sucks, and that knowledge makes it all seems so much worse.

They'll Start Talking About Siblings

They might not talk about their future, potential siblings, but they'll start learning and/or noticing brothers and sisters, and that talk will make you all optimistic about giving your kid a brother or sister of their own.

They'll Eat Everything You Put In Front Of Them

There is a sweet spot in a toddler's life, my friend, right around 1.5 to 2 years old, where they will eat damn near anything. It will be a beautiful time in your life, but oh-boy will it be fleeting. Because once your kid hits 2 they're going to become the pickiest eaters.

Still, that moment, when everything you make is devoured by your appreciative child, will have you thinking that, sure, you could afford feeding another kid. Who wouldn't want to make two little meals for two happy mouths, right?

They'll Sleep In Their Own Bed

If your previously invaded bed is now kid-free, you'll start thinking another child is a possibility simply because you now have more "alone time" with your partner.

Don't let this fool you, my friend. This "alone time" will probably result in another bed-stealing mini-human, and then you'll have two sets of feet kicking you in the face.

They'll Travel Like A Champ

There's no hubris like the hubris of a parent who feels they have successfully traveled a relatively long distance with their child. Made it a whole flight without a crying kid? You're a master of the skies. Able to drive across the state, or even multiple states, without a total toddler breakdown? You're a goddess amongst mere mortals. So what's another kid, right?

They'll Play Well With Others

Nothing makes you think you're ready for another baby like the sight of your child playing well with others. Before you know it you're envisioning a future in which you can sit silently on the couch as your two children entertain themselves. And that may very well happen, dear reader, but not before a lot, and I mean a lot, of work.

They'll Potty Train Themselves

If your kid is in the throws of potty training, then suddenly takes to the porcelain throne like they're Bran in Game of Thrones, of course you're going to think you can handle another baby and another few years of diapers. But buyer beware, because your toddler will regress when that baby arrives and, before you know it, you will have two kids in diapers instead of one.

They'll Flat Out Tell You They Want A Sibling

This will do you in, dear reader. Well, it did me in. When my 3-year-old son started asking for a little brother or sister I felt automatically and intrinsically pulled to another pregnancy, another labor and delivery, and another baby.

Of course, in the end the only person who will know, for sure, if you're ready for another baby is you. But damn if your first child doesn't try to weigh in on the decision.

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