Believe It Or Not, There Are 8 Little Ways You Can Feel Sexy After Childbirth

Let's be honest, postpartum life isn't the sexiest. Yes, motherhood looks great on many and nurturing a baby is sexy as hell, but other than that, postpartum life is just one big pile of exhaustion. After 16 hours of labor and three hours of delivery, feeling sexy was the furthest thing from my mind. Still, and even though I didn't care how others saw me, I cared about how I felt and I didn't enjoy feeling frumpy all the time. Thankfully, I discovered the little ways you can actually feel sexy after childbirth. I wanted to feel good for me, not for anyone else, so I found ways that made me happy with who I was at that stage of my life.

For me, being postpartum was torturous. I struggled with breastfeeding, I couldn't figure out why my baby wouldn't stop crying and refused to sleep, and my daughter had jaundice so we had to keep going back to the pediatrician to get her levels checked. I was in constant pain and developed a hematoma, which increased my level of pain to the point it was nearly unbearable. Every part of my body was sore and I was an emotional wreck. When I looked in the mirror all I saw were the remnants of what I once was; an impostor.

That's when I decided I needed a change. I needed to feel like myself again, even if just temporary. I wanted the old me back; the one who was able to laugh and have a great time without tears streaming down her face. I wanted to feel alive and well. So I found little ways that helped me feel sexy and fun again. I found ways that worked for me and made me happy. And as soon as I started taking care of myself, I started taking better care of my child and my entire postpartum attitude changed.

Cut & Color Your Hair

As soon as I was able to move freely without too much pain, I made an appointment to get my hair colored and cut. I decided to do a drastic change and go from dark brown hair to blonde. After my difficult labor and delivery, and after equally difficult and slow postpartum healing, I felt like I needed more of a change than just a trim.

Buy New Bras

I didn't buy sexy bras because I never wear sexy bras. All of my bras are your standard comfortable, well-fitting bras without any lace or transparency. But nursing bras that actually fit well made me feel great (and the full breasts didn't hurt either).

Go To The Gym

I went back to the gym a few months postpartum. I'm the type of person who has to force herself to workout and give herself continuous pep-talks at the gym to last more than half an hour, but going back after my daughter was born was actually exciting. Few things make me feel sexier than leaving the gym all sweaty and gross, knowing I did something good for myself.

Eat Well

Some might disagree, sure, but I think you only feel as good as the food you put into your body. When I was nursing I wanted to eat everything in sight, but I tried to eat somewhat healthy so I could actually feel good about myself. I know if I shove a doughnut into my mouth I will feel gross all day, but if I eat some eggs with avocado, I'll feel great.

Take Selfies

We all know our "good angles," and I am no stranger to selfies. I'm good at taking selfies (I know, an admirable skill) and I took more than my fair share when I was postpartum. Seeing pictures of myself, and not just pictures of my newborn, reminded me that even though I had a child, I was still my own person, too.

Buy Clothes That Actually Fit

I wasn't even going to try to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes immediately postpartum, but I did need clothes. Yes, I spent most of my days in leggings and nursing tops, but since my love for jeans did not stop the moment I got pregnant, I went out and bought two pairs of jeans that I actually felt good in. It was an investment in my self-esteem that just seemed worth it (even if I did wear those jeans only for a few months).

Get Dressed Up For A Date Night

Date nights are essential for couples with newborns. Newborns take so much time out of parents that couples sometimes forget to pay attention to one another. My husband and I went out a few times in the first year postpartum and I got dressed up each time. Constantly wearing sweatpants and loose t-shirts takes a toll on my confidence, so getting dressed up definitely felt sexy.

Go Out With Your Friends

My girlfriends are so amazing that when I'm with them I don't pay attention to how I look. We laugh and we have a great time and we feel sexy and fun and young and, well, like ourselves. We are each other's confidence boost and being around my friends always helps me feel fantastic.