12 Moms Share How They Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Unfortunately, we're in the middle of the roughest flu seasons in recent memory. And we’re not totally out of the woods, either. People around the country are still getting the flu, and, sadly, some of them are having to be hospitalized due to flu-related complications. In other words, it’s important not to let our guards down. That’s why I asked several moms to share how they stay healthy during flu season. Some of the answers are pretty standard, while others are a little more complicated. But at the end of the day, there's no such thing as "too much help" when it comes to staying healthy.

I must admit that this flu season caught me completely by surprise. I had been feeling great pretty much all year long and was beginning to think maybe my immune system was on the right course. Then I got sick. Like, horribly sick. In fact, my whole household got sick, and it negatively impacted every single aspect of my life (including my relationship). I was finally coming out of it about a week ago when I suddenly caught another strain of the flu and found myself sick all over again.

If this horrible flu season has taught me anything, it's that I need to go the extra mile to boost my immune system, and that, in general, I need to start making some healthier life choices. I’ll definitely be implementing some of this advice into my own life and, well, you might want to consider doing the same.

Shannon, 41

“The flu shot, homeschooling, and pure luck? Probably mostly the last thing.”

Hannah, 29

“Super immunity. All you have to do is go through two years of clinical with super sick people hacking all over you. Super simple. Seriously though, hand washing diligently (everyone) and wiping down basically all the surfaces you touch or are considering touching is huge, too.”

Alejandra, 33

“Flu shot and hands washing. All three of my boys got the flu.”

Jessica, 36

“We have never had the flu (nor have we had the flu shot). Zinc, vitamins, lots of hand washing, elderberry syrup, and colloidal silver.”

Jessica, 32

“No flu, just a cold. I didn’t get the flu shot, but my son and hubby did. If I had to press any buttons I used my knuckles, wash hands, I took my prenatals and I drink lots of water.”

Laura, 35

“We all had our flu shots. But my son goes to preschool and we go everywhere so I’m sure we’ve had lots of exposure. I work in healthcare so I’m also exposed that way. Luck + flu shot? I’m not doing anything special. I run 25-40 miles a week but that probably suppresses my immune system, if anything. And my kids absolutely love touching their faces after rubbing their hands on the floor. I do sanitize very diligently at work, and we do lots of hand washing at home, but I guarantee you the kids are rubbing germs all over everything anyway.”

Jenny, 32

“So far I've not had anything (flu, cold, etc.) other than mild symptoms. I don't leave the house much and everyone takes precautions, like hand washing and hand sanitizer. I have masks I wear, too. My mother-in-law is a nurse, so she helps with keeping as many precautions going as often as possible. Besides that, I don’t know. My immune system is compromised, so I really ‘should’ be getting sick. We also wipe down the cart handles at stores.”

Victoria, 32

“I don’t get sick a lot. Never had the flu shot and I’ve only gotten the flu twice in my life. But I do wash my hands a lot and use sanitizer.”

Jenny, 33

Flu shot for the last 12 years at least. Last flu was in college. That said, I'm also a hand washing freak and I make the kids do the same. I'm the only one in the household that gets the shot, though.”

MaryAnne, 38

“I attribute good luck, obsessive hand washing, and the privilege of being able to choose being in public less often. I also did get the flu shot.”

Logan, 34

“Healthy diet and daily supplements!”

Laura, 36

“I have never had the flu shot that I know of or can remember. I do have a healthy immune system and eat lots of whole food, with a minimum of it processed. When I do feel like I am getting sick I drink a mixture of lemon, honey, garlic, cinnamon, and water. I also use essential oils around the house. I don’t use hand sanitizers or chemicals in the home. I clean my home with an essential oil mixture and white vinegar. We carry water bottles around and don’t drink from water fountains in public. Both my kids go to school, but if they are not feeling well I will keep them home.”

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