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If You've Got Some Last Minute Easter Needs, Safeway Has Your Back

Easter has a way of sneaking up on you. Most of the other major holidays are clumped together and thus hard to forget, while the day white shoes officially come back in style stands alone. It's solitary nature can make it easy to forget, so knowing Safeway's Easter hours might come in handy.

There are all kinds of things you might need to run to the store for on Easter if you haven't properly prepared for the day. You might need some extra coffee to bribe your partner into hiding those plastic eggs all over the house while you get the kiddos into their matching pastel outfits; your youngest might break their basket in the first five seconds of the hunt, forcing someone to run to the store before you head to the Easter festivities at your in-law's house; or you could have severely miscalculated the number of chocolate bunnies you'd eat after you tucked the kids in on Easter Eve. Any and all of these scenarios could happen to you come Easter Sunday, and showing up at a closed store when you're already annoyed and in a rush would just make the day worse.

Lucky for you, Safeway will be open on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday according to Holiday Shopping Hours, giving you plenty of time to squeeze in that pit stop on the way to grandma's house. The grocery chain is open on most major holidays, pretty much only shutting down shop on Christmas Day. However, it's important to note that each Safeway location has different hours, and some locations might be varying their hours on Easter weekend even if they aren't closing down completely. So, before you get in your car, it would be wise to check your local Safeway store's hours to ensure you aren't greeted by a set of locked doors.

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But if you do accidentally show up at a closed Safeway, take comfort in the fact that it is not the only place you can turn for your last minute shopping needs on Easter Sunday. Walmart will be open on Easter, as will Kroger, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's, though TJ's will have modified hours. In fact, don't try hitting up Target or Publix on the fly either, as both will be closed for the duration of the day — you'll have to check your store's hours to find out when exactly they'll open and close. It's a bummer those go-to's aren't options, but you have at least five other grocery stores you can hit up if (when) things go awry on the big day.

Quick tip though: I'd hit up Safeway earlier than Easter Sunday if you can though, preferably on Friday so you can take advantage of their $5 Friday deals. You can get ham for $5 per pound, and considering ham is a staple of most Easter celebrations, that sounds like a pretty sweet offer to me. Safeway has you covered with low prices most days though, so no biggie if you can't make it on Good Friday.