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Prince Louis Is 1 Year Old Today! Here's A Look Back At His Royally Cute Moments

Special moments in the royal family have just flown by one after another in the past year. Really, can you believe Kate Middleton and Prince William's youngest child, Prince Louis, is officially 1 year old today? Me either. Once the shock has subsided, let's have a look back at the royal tot’s most exciting moments of the past 12 months to celebrate this very happy occasion.

Prince Louis turned 1 year old on Tuesday, April 23, but reports from before then suggested that his family may have celebrated just a bit early this year. They’ve reportedly been at their country home on Sandringham Estate, Anmer Hall, for the Easter holiday, according to Hello! Magazine.

Since Prince Louis’ brother and sister, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will likely be back in school by the time his birthday comes around on a weekday, it was thought that the family might celebrate a few days earlier while they all had a relaxing weekend, according to Hello! Magazine. Presumably, there were more family members up at Sandringham for the holiday as well, so it would have been a good chance to celebrate with everyone together. Frankly, that just sounds like the perfect excuse to have two cakes.

Regardless, time is flying by and while the little one has been growing, he's also made a few appearances here and there. And here are few of the highlights from little Prince Louis’ first journey around the sun.

When He Was Introducted To The World

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In a tradition carried on from Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Prince William introduced all their children to the world on the steps of the Lindo Wing where they were born.

On April 23, 2018, as Middleton looked on lovingly, Prince Louis gave the first, tiny wave — and the world was instantly besotted with the royal infant.

When He Made The World "Aww" With His First Official Royal Portraits

Middleton has something of an eye for photography, according to The Guardian, especially as it relates to her adorable children. In fact, she took Prince Louis' first official photos just as she had taken them for Princess Charlotte.

Someone off camera (my bet is on big bro George...) must have been helping out because Prince Louis looks alert and fascinated by something going on in the room.

When He Snoozed His Way Through His Christening

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The day was all about Prince Louis, but the guest of honor had some serious snoozing to do during his christening. Middleton looked on with joy and so much love in every moment captured during the day. Truly there is so much love going on in this family.

When He Stole The Show In Photos With Grandpa For His 70th Birthday

The official family portraits released are cute enough, but it was the outtakes from this day of photo ops that got everyone talking. There were several funny moments involving Meghan Markle laughing at the kiddos. But the best may have been when Prince Louis reached over and grabbed a handful of his grandfather, Prince Charles', nose.

When He Posed For His First Christmas Photos With The Family

As Prince Louis grows, his mother's dark-haired good looks are starting to show through. In the family's 2018 Christmas card photo, the tot gazes into the camera with an intensity that begs the question of just what is going on in that little cutie's mind.

When He Started Walking

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It hardly seems like a minute since that little face debuted, but at just about 1 year old, Louis is beginning to get up and around. In March, as Hello! Magazine reported, while visiting a children's center, Middleton gave an update on her little one's exploration to a delighted bystander.

"Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time," Middleton reportedly said, and mentioned that Prince Louis is using furniture to get upright and that she is starting to have to run after him all the time, according to ELLE.

When He Smiled With His Two Front Teeth

And, finally, just a day for before his birthday, Kensington Palace shared some new photos of Louis taken by his mom, of course. Beyond the utter cuteness in the pics, Prince Louis showing off his two baby teeth is enough to make you melt.

Happy birthday, Prince Louis! The world can't wait to watch you grow!