Serena Williams Pretending To Not Know Meghan Markle Is Just *Chef's Kiss*

by Casey Suglia

We all know they're best friends, of course, but Serena Williams pretending to not know who Meghan Markle is during a recent interview with model Naomi Campbell is the kind of entertainment the world needs right now. The tennis superstar and her sister Venus Williams appeared on Campbell's YouTube talk show, No Filter with Naomi, and expertly avoided talking about the Duchess of Sussex and her family's recent move back to the United States.

Venus and Serena answered plenty of questions about their lives and tennis careers throughout the duration of the 50-minute long interview, but Serena perfectly responded to a question about Markle. "Are you happy that your girlfriend's moved to America? Meghan Markle?" Campbell asks in the interview.

"Don't know what you're talking about," Serena replies. "Don't know nothing about that. Never seen it, never heard of her, don't know her."

Serena is joking, of course. Everyone and their mothers know Markle moved back to the United States in late March. The tennis pro and the Duchess of Sussex have been friends for years since first meeting in 2010. And over the past few years, they have been together to celebrate some of their biggest milestones, like when Williams attended Markle's wedding and even planned her baby shower.

Markle, Prince Harry, and their son Archie, moved to Los Angeles last month. Since moving, Markle has volunteered for a local charity and hopped on a Zoom call to voice her support for organizations supporting those impacted by the pandemic. Meanwhile, Williams has been quarantining with her husband and daughter at their home in Florida, according to People.

Although the tennis star played coy about the duchess, she's previously been very vocal about her relationship with Markle. During an interview with Access Hollywood this past November, for instance, she revealed that Markle is so supportive of her. "I just think she's the strongest — literally the strongest — person I know and the nicest [and] sweetest," she said. "I call her, text her anytime, crying, upset — she's always there. Doesn't matter what she's going through, she just sets the time away, and she's amazing."