This Baby Yoda Planter Holds A Tiny Succulent & I Think Its Force Could Save 2020

Every now and then, a little pick-me-up via a burst of greenery is just what my eyes need to re-adjust after staring at a screen all day. Put a pretty green plant in a mini Baby Yoda planter, and you have exactly the kind of refresher my soul needs during these bleak times.

Standing just over a mere 4 inches tall, this ceramic version of The Child from Disney's The Mandalorian is perfect for Star Wars fans. Instead of offering up a cup of steaming soup or one of his favorite froggy snacks, the familiar brown bowl that this impossibly cute Baby Yoda is carrying is the perfect spot to plant your favorite succulent or flower.

Available for order on Etsy from graphic apparel retailer Sixth Company, you can get your hands on this new piece of Baby Yoda merch to add to your collection for just under $40. If your Baby Yoda Chia Pet is already overgrown with some sort of weird grey mold and you're looking for another piece of memorabilia from your favorite franchise that can also double as a household vegetation holder, this is the way.

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Personally, I want to buy several of these pint-sized planters and place them all over my house. I need one for my kitchen to hold the microgreens I swear that I'll add to every ranch-drenched salad I make to transform it into a "healthy" lunch. I also definitely need one to put on my desk so that I can stare into The Child's ridiculously large, all-knowing eyes throughout my work day. (Maybe he can use The Force to cure my now-frequent bouts of pandemic stress-induced writer's block.)

You can order the planter with a fake plant included (as shown in the product photo) or without. Because the pot part of the planter has a drainage hole, it is completely possible to grow your own tiny flower or succulent within the planter, but some reviews suggest that due to the pot's extremely small size (1.1" x 1.6"), it's best to go ahead and order the planter with the imitation plant included.

The ceramic planter ships wrapped in bubble wrap and secured in styrofoam within the shipping box so that you won't have to worry about it getting smashed during transport. The Etsy listing does note that shipping can take several weeks depending on where you're located, but Baby Yoda is worth it. I mean, if he's cute enough for people to consider actually breastfeeding him, this adorable extraterrestrial creature in minuscule planter form is totally worth waiting for.

If your shelves are already stocked with more Baby Yoda cereal than you could possibly eat in the next year, you have played enough rounds of Monopoly: Star Wars The Child to convince your kids you actually can use The Force to win the game, and your toddler has already smashed your Baby Yoda LEGO BrickHeadz to pieces, this planter should definitely be on your radar and all over your house.