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What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About Your Mom Style

Generations of girls have grown up with a slew of Disney princesses as their role models. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is up for debate, but it makes sense that after decades of singing their songs and playing with their dolls and dressing up in their gowns we have internalized some of what these princesses stand for. So I'm here to talk about what your favorite Disney princess says about your mom style. It may not say everything about who you are as a mom, but let's be honest: archetypes are useful and exist for a reason.

Now, before we begin: Yes, I know there's, like, a "Disney Princess" franchise which is separate from, like, the Frozen franchise, and that not everyone in the Disney Princess line is even technically a princess. And I know that Moana isn't technically a princess but "the daughter of the village chief" and that she even argues about this in the movie. I also know that Elsa is a queen, not a princess. But I'm speaking pretty generally here, people, so if the character is a female protagonist then boom: princess. Well, at least for my purposes.

So now that we got that out of the way, what does an adult's favorite princess say about how they go about being a mom? Turns out, a lot, including the following:


It is extremely important to you that your children are well-rounded and well-informed. The minute you decided you were going to have a baby you were probably building their home library. You want your children to broaden their horizons at every opportunity (you know there's more than this provincial life!) and grow as curious, adventurous little humans. You try to meet them "where they are" to help them grow emotionally, but you're not one to suffer nonsense.


Your children will never, ever be able to pull one over on you, my friend. Oh no, you can see through bullsh*t a mile away and you do not tolerate it. But the other side of that coin is that no one is ever going to pull one over on your kids. You are assertive and feisty and are not opposed to going into full-on Mama Bear (or... Mama Tiger?) mode should the need arise. You are determined and strong and encourage the same in your children.


You are That Mom Who Does Everything. If there's a volunteer position, a class to take, or a children's event somewhere, you're on it. You are determined to make sure your children have every opportunity available to them and, let's face it: if you had 10 minutes to yourself you wouldn't know what to do with them because you'd be so bored. As a mom and a person, you require constant motion. You're nonstop.


You're probably a bit of a hippie, or at least an artistic free-spirit who definitely looked into Montessori options near you. You are naturally creative — your nursery decoration is on point and you always have fun games to play with your littles — and this also means you're resourceful AF. While you may not always feel entirely confident in yourself, as you move through motherhood you may find yourself looking at your small victories and thinking to yourself, "Oh wow! I've got this!"

You're also really good at braiding hair.


You were definitely a wild-child and you are horrified that, now that you're a mom, your own rebellious attitude is going to be revisited upon you in the form of your children. You see signs everywhere, including but certainly not limited to: the smirk your toddler gave you when you told them to clean their room; the sassy responses to everything; the fact that watching your child is, basically, like looking in a time-traveling mirror. But you also have a rapport and understanding of your child that no one else does or ever could.


You're not the type to make a ton of mom friends at the playground or join the PTA, but you have the magical ability to build an intimate world for you and your family that's full of wonder. You are your child's safe space. You're introverted but sure of yourself. You have your own way of doing things and make no apologies for it, particularly since people eventually realize there's a method to your madness, even if it's not what they would do for themselves or their kids.


You are the queen of the optimists and just like everything to be nice. You are the type to start out your pregnancy with a laundry list of all the things you're going to do for and with your baby. You take a million pictures and do not apologize for posting them all on IG (nor should you)! You're enthusiastic and sometimes have a rosier idea of how things will be than is, strictly speaking, realistic. But one of your best qualities is that, while you may learn from your missteps you don't let that stand in the way of continuing to dream big.


You work hard, and you give selflessly to your family and friends, but you're no doormat. You know the importance of balancing your needs against everyone else's. You're totally committed to your kids and motherhood in general, but you know that in order to be the best mom you can be sometimes you need a night out.

There's also more to you than meets the eye; a little bit of spice that not everyone sees. You keep it in reserve for your nearest and dearest, including your kids, who know that mom is, like, a mom, but also actually pretty funny!


Not only do your kids enthusiastically and energetically love you, but so do everyone else's... because you're basically a big kid yourself. You're often a mess, but you're a hot (and extremely endearing) mess who operates on a lot of chocolate and good intentions. While you may often find yourself biting off more than you can chew, your natural charm enables you to get through just about anything.


You came into motherhood to kick ass and chew bubble gum and, would you look at that, you're all out of bubble gum. Your approach to any challenge (including parenting) is to have a realistic assessment of your challenge and to face your fears head-on, with both grit and grace. You don't care about living up to anyone's standards but your own. Of course, your standards are pretty ridiculously high, because you know what you are capable of, so this often means you're working harder than anyone else.


You've got your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground. Nothing is more important than your family, but you don't think that family life has to mean giving up on adventure and new opportunities. You're the type to do everything with a baby strapped to you and, in the process, encourage your little one to be daring and take risks, knowing you'll always be there for them no matter what.