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Of Course Minnie Mouse Has A Birthday, & It Just So Happens She's A Scorpio

I was watching the umpteenth episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when my daughter turned to me and sweetly asked, “How old is Minnie Mouse?” This question has stumped me for ages. I mean, is Minnie 5 or 50? She has the voice of a child, but she also rocks some heels, so really, who knows? But then my girl laid an even bigger q on me: “When is Minnie Mouse’s birthday?” And I had no idea whatsoever.

If you’ve never really thought of Mickey or Minnie Mouse having an official birthday, join the club. (Ha.) They’re kind of ageless and eternal, like they’ve always existed, which of course, isn’t the case. But as it turns out, they both do have birth dates, but not ones in the traditional sense of the word. For both Minnie as well as Mickey, their birthdays are when they first made their public appearance, the Walt Disney site reported. And since Minnie Mouse appeared in the 1928 premiere of Steamboat Willie, her official birthday is (drumroll please), November 18, 1928.

Of course, her initial appearance is tied to Mickey Mouse. In Steamboat Willie, Minnie is racing trying to catch Pegleg Pete’s steamboat, and Mickey Mouse manages to get her onto the ship. The two fall in love almost instantly, spawning a love story that is over nine decades in the making.

So that answers the question of when Minnie Mouse’s birthday is. But does it really address how old she is? After all, if Minnie is, say, 20 years old for argument’s sake, and she first appeared on November 18, 1928, that would mean that Minnie’s actual birthday would be November 18, 1908. And that would make her 111 years old. (Let that sink in for a second.) For sure, the mouse looks marvelous for her age.

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But setting aside her astonishing age for a sec, here are some other fun facts about Minnie Mouse. Did you know that her real name is actually Minerva? (So no shocker there that she shortened it to Minnie.) While you might assume that Mickey and Minnie are "just friends", they’re actually married. (Aw!) Walt Disney himself confirmed that in an interview dating back to 1933, E! reported. And move over, Ariel and Jasmine. Minnie is also the first (albeit unofficial) Disney princess.

There are so many ways you can celebrate Minnie Mouse's birthday. I absolutely adore party planning (heck, my daughter had a Minnie Mouse-themed 3rd birthday). So if your child wants a Minnie Mouse-themed party, it could be cool to tie it in to both of their actual birthdays so they can share their special day together. Or you can always celebrate Minnie’s big day simply by serving some hot dog hot dog hot diggity dogs and bowtie pasta (in honor of Minnie’s love for all things bows) for dinner.

Even though Minnie Mouse’s birthday is November 18, 1928, (which makes her 91 years young), at the end of the day, her age doesn’t really matter. What does is your child’s enjoyment of the sweet and timeless cartoon that is focused on friendship, love, sharing, and helping others.