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Predicting Nick's Final Three On 'The Bachelor'

What began as a group of 30 women has now been whittled down to four. With only hometown dates and overnight dates left to go before the final rose ceremony of the season, Nick Viall's stint as The Bachelor is hitting its home stretch. Nick has notably been all over the place, emotionally, this season. I haven't checked the stats, but I imagine that he's the only Bachelor in history to send this many women home unexpectedly mid-date and to cancel this many cocktail parties. But, after so many ups and downs, who are Nick's final three on The Bachelor going to be?

As of now, there are four women still in the competition: Arkansas business owner Raven Gates, Canadian special-ed teacher Vanessa Grimaldi, Dallas attorney Rachel Lindsay, and professional nanny-haver (er, sorry, Miami business owner) Corinne Olympios. Nick surprised everyone by sending not one, but two, women home during their jaunt to Bimini — Danielle Maltby was sent packing during their one-on-one date after Nick suddenly realized there was no chemistry, and he totally blindsided fan-favorite Kristina Schulman by going to the women's house to eliminate her privately.

Though I'm no expert, I feel like I've gotten a pretty decent grasp on where Nick's head is at right now. So, without further ado, here's my analysis of which of the contestants have the best chance at a final three spot, in order of likelihood.

Raven Gates

Raven is arguably in the best position heading into the final few episodes of the season. On the Feb. 13 episode, Raven was the only woman who secured a definite place in the hometown dates lineup, getting the only rose handed out in Bimini on the group date.

The 25-year-old Hoxie woman is also, so far, the only woman who confessed her feelings to Nick who didn't either get lamely shut down (Vanessa) or straight-up sent home (Danielle Lombard). Plus, she's the first woman to have met his family, and his little sister Bella really likes her.

Vanessa Grimaldi

Despite the fact that Vanessa's confession of love didn't go too well during her one-on-one with Nick in Bimini, there's no denying the chemistry between them. That Zero G date early on was spectacular, and Nick was looking at the Montreal teacher with stars in his eyes the entire time, even while she was throwing up.

I think that Nick also appreciates that Vanessa is a straight-shooter, like him. She has maintained a no-nonsense attitude all season, especially when it comes to Nick's intentions and Corinne's behavior. If he wasn't legitimately, strongly interested in Vanessa, I imagine he would've sent her home after she called him out on Bouncy Housegate. Things seem to be tense between Nick and Vanessa (as teased by the hometown date promo), but I'm calling classic producer misdirect on that one.

Rachel Lindsay

Just because Rachel is the new Bachelorette doesn't necessarily mean she's going to be eliminated in the upcoming installment of the Bachelor. The promo established that there might be some tension between Nick and Rachel's mother, after Mrs. Lindsay straight-up asks Nick whether he's ever dated a black woman before.

But Nick clearly thinks very highly of Rachel — just check out his reaction to her Bachelorette announcement. He's sung her praises time and again and has spoken often of their strong, immediate connection. She did win the first impression rose, after all.

Corinne Olympios

In my book, Ms. "Platinum Vagine" is the most likely to be eliminated following her hometown date. And no, I don't think it'll be because Nanny Raquel scares Nick away. So far, Nick and Corinne's chemistry has been strong, but it's been purely sexual. He seems to like her playful and lighthearted attitude (and, yes, her sexual freedom). However, they don't appear to have connected on any other meaningful level. And sure, age may be just a number, but 24-year-old Corinne acts her age much more than the far more mature 25-year-old Raven.

At 36, Nick is (supposedly) looking to become someone's husband. Corinne doesn't seem super interested in being a wife. While Raquel might not be the reason Nick eliminates Corinne, I'm betting that when he sees how much Corinne relies on her nanny, he'll be turned off. That will pave the way for a Raven, Vanessa, and Rachel final three heading into the overnight dates.