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If Your Kid Loves Bluey, You Need These Valentines

Admit it, you love her too.

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There are countless Bluey gifts for kids on the market, if you’re looking to put together a little Valentine’s Day gift basket for your kid, or give them one big present to celebrate. But if they want to share their love of the show with their friends, well, they’ll need some special Valentines to do it. Enter: Bluey Valentines, straight from the creators of the show. They also released an official Valentine’s Day Bluey sweatshirt, with everyone’s favorite blue heeler pup front and center.

If you have a child right now, you at least know about Bluey, but there’s a high probability your whole family could quote Bluey and Bingo on command. You may be eagerly awaiting season 4 of the show to drop — no release date for Bluey season 4 has been announced just yet — and find yourself playing your child’s favorite game from the show over and over again. So, with that much love for a little cartoon dog, why not rock a sweatshirt celebrating the show on Valentine’s Day, and give your child cards to hand out at school their friends will lose their biscuits over.

And if your child isn’t sure what to write in their Valentines to their friends, any fan of Bluey would probably get a laugh out of a silly Valentine’s Day joke.


Bluey Valentines with slap bracelets

Every millennial parent has nostalgic love for slap bracelets, and why not share the joy with a new generation? These Way to Celebrate Bluey Valentine's Day Cards are the perfect size for a classroom Valentine’s Day card exchange. Each includes a slit to attach a slap bracelet securely and give to a friend.


Bluey Sticker Valentines

If your kid’s classmates are sticker fiends (and are old enough to be trusted not to slap them on a school desk, wall, or other surface), the Paper Magic Bluey 16ct Giant Sticker Valentine's Day Classroom Exchange Cards will delight them. The stickers aren’t overly Valentine’s-themed, so they’re great for decorating a notebook or agenda.


Bluey Valentine’s Day sweatshirt

Let your little one wear their love for Bluey right on their sleeve...or, chest, really. The Toddler Bluey Printed Pullover Sweatshirt from Target is a gender-neutral holiday sweatshirt made with ultra soft fleece and flat seams for comfort. Chances are you snuggle your little one in just as tight as Bluey hugs Coco.

Won’t your little one be delighted to show off their love of Bluey this Valentine’s Day? In case you missed it, you can crank the new Bluey album on the way to school to hand out their Valentines.