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These Baby Boy Names That Start With O Are Officially Cool

From Owen to Odysseus, these boy names that start with O are obviously on-point.

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One of the most exciting things during pregnancy (other than your growing bump, the ultrasounds, and feeling the baby move for the first time) is picking a name for your baby. It can be tricky to come up with something unique, yet classic. One way is to pick a letter and go with it. These boy names that start with O are all stellar picks, without being overused.

This list has a variety of names from all different backgrounds and parts of the world. Whether you want to name your child after the famous Odysseus, or after the famous metal rocker, Ozzy, boy names that start with O can definitely be unique, and there’s something for everyone on this list. There are names that might be in your family, names from favorite movies... it’s surprising how often these O names pop up, actually.

Whether you end up using one of these names as a first name or a middle name, most of these probably haven’t been on your radar as of yet. And that’s good to know, if you don’t want your kid to have the same name as half of the other boys in his preschool.

These boy names that start with O are the perfect mix between out-of-the-box and totally timeless.




Oscar has Irish and Norse roots, and this boy name that starts with O means “champion warrior.” In Gaelic, it also means “spear of the gods,” so Oscar is a name that’s pretty rooted in battle and bravery.



The name Orson means “bear,” or “bear cub,” and it has Latin origins. Famous Orsons in history include Orson Welles (the actor, director and writer), Orson Bean (the actor) and Orson Scott Card (the science fiction writer).



The name Owen means “noble, youthful, and well-born,” and it’s a pretty popular, traditional, and classic name. If you’re looking for some good middle name options for Owen, Owen Blake and Owen Maxwell are popular combinations.



Omar is a boy name that starts with O that has been around forever, and always sounds great. Ironically maybe it has been popular forever because the name Omar literally means “long-lived” and “flourishing.”



According to Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter and the son of Poseidon. The name Orion means “rising in the sky,” which is pretty fitting, considering he was turned into a constellation by Zeus, according to the stories. Orion’s belt, anyone?



In Norse mythology, Odin was the wisest of the gods, and it’s a heroic name at that. Odin means “god of frenzy” or “poetic fury.” Poetic fury could be the name of a band, and perhaps if you name your son Odin he will be the frontman of that band.



Octavian Augustus was an ancient ruler of Rome, and the literal definition of the name Octavian is “eighth.” Are you having an eighth child? Is his due date in August, or on the eighth day of the month? Octavian may be a good fit. Or if you want them to be a ruler and leader by fate, Octavian may be the name for you.



The name Osmond means “God’s protection,” or “divine protector,” and is most commonly used in Canada. The next location where this name is used the most is England, with the United States following, according to Forebears.



Not only is Orlando the name of the location of the “happiest place on Earth,” but it’s also the name of a really great (and handsome) actor, Orlando Bloom. The name’s true definition, however, is “heroic” or “famous land.”



Oakley is a boy name that starts with O that has a pretty literal meaning: “From the Oak Tree Field.” If you’re fond of the beloved and beautiful oak tree, or just like a name that’s unique, Oakley may be the name for you. It’s also considered gender-neutral if you’re looking for a name like that.



While this boy name that starts with O is definitely more popular now than ever with the Frozen franchise, it’s still a pretty unique and fun name. Olaf means “ancestor’s descendant” and St. Olaf is the patron saint of Norway.



Fans of Parks and Recreation will remember Orin with fondness, creepiness, and laughter. Orin is actually a really unique and cool boy name that starts with O. The name is Irish, and it means “fair,” “light,” and “pine tree.”



Omri has Hebrew origins and the name means “sheaf of grain.” Other definitions include, “life” or “servant.”



Thinking of also naming your child after a historic famous inventor? Orville Wright — along with Wilbur — designed and built the first airplane. Additionally, this boy name that starts with O means “gold town.”



While I am particularly partial to the Black Sabbath lead vocalist, the name Ozzy also means “spear of the gods,” or “God’s power.” Other definitions include, “lover of deer” — though he is definitely not a lover of bats. If you know, you know.



Love a good Greek mythology reference? Odysseus was one a Greek hero, and he was the brave hero of Homer’s The Odyssey. Ironically, the name means “son of pain.”



This boy name that starts with O is short and sweet, but its meaning is “strength, powerful, and courageous.” Though the name itself is tiny, it sure is fierce.




This Germanic name means “God’s power,” and “divine power.” Ozzy would be a cute nickname for Oswald, if you wanted your kid to have one name they’re regularly called, and one full name you yell and they know they’re in trouble. Ozzy is also on this list as a great first name, too.



Not only would this be an homage to the 44th president of the United States, but it’s also really unique as a first name. This iconic boy name that starts with O means “little beach,” or “to lean or bend.”



Ondray is a unique spelling of the name “Andre,” but it’s own meaning is “man” or “warrior.” He’ll definitely be the only kid on the block with this spelling, and perhaps he will be strong and fierce like a warrior.

Boy names that start with O are so unique, it’s surprising that there are actually so many great choices out there. And O makes for a great first initial.

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