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25 Baby Girl Names That Begin With “D”

Dramatic and delightful, these baby names are worth a look.

Most moms can remember the moment they first found out they were going to be raising a baby girl. Whether on the exam table or in the delivery room, it’s a core memory. Suddenly, you’re tasked with choosing a name for your sweet new addition. How exactly are parents supposed to narrow down the seemingly endless choices of baby girl names out there? Should you choose one with a cute nickname, or name her after your favorite literary character? One way to narrow your search is to choose names that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet – for example, baby girl names that start with “D”.

Perhaps you like the alliteration of a “D” girl name with what will be your baby’s middle or last name. Maybe your grandmother’s name began with “D”, and you want to honor her without naming your baby Dolores. Maybe you were set on a boy name that began with “D”, before finding out you were actually having a girl. Whatever the reason, there are simply so many baby girl names that begin with “D” that are entirely too perfect to not have a spot on your ‘maybe’ list.

Not too sure whether your baby girl is more a Daphne or Dahlia? Read on to find out the meaning behind these baby girl names that start with “D”.



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The name Dylan is of Welsh origin, and means “born of the sea.” If your baby girl is due under a water sign, or if you just love the beach, the name Dylan will pay homage to that. While it’s a name that traditionally has been given to boys, the name is growing in popularity as both a girls name and a gender-neutral baby name.



This English “D” girls name is more commonly spelled “Dana,” but we love this variation. Both names come from the Hebrew name Daniel, which means “God is my judge.” For a family that values religion, the name carries a serious and important meaning. It’s also just super cute.



The historical Devorah in Jewish and Christian texts was a prophetess who sat under a tree waiting for people to come to her for conflict resolution. She also, with just a word, summoned up an entire army. The name means “bee,” and she certainly was a busy character. It’s a great namesake for a baby girl who is destined to be a leader in her community.



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Since daisies close up when the sun goes down, they were given the name “day’s eye” since they awaken for the dawn. In Old English, the words “day” and “eye” combine to make Deysi or Daisy. A bright and cheerful flower known for its hardiness and perkiness, daisies have come to represent innocence and childhood.



This French name, the female version of Dominic, means “of the Lord” or “the Lord’s day.” Maybe if your baby girl was born on the holy day of the week for your family’s faith it would be a good fit? The name Dominique will commemorate her birthdate perfectly. It’s also a great name for families with a strong tie to French culture.



In Russia, the name Dasha has long been popular and has migrated into American culture. There are a few probable meanings for the name, as it is present in a few cultures. In Persia, Dasha means “queenly.” The Greek roots of the name can mean either “God’s gift” or “divine display.” Honestly, this trifecta of meanings demonstrates one thing – any baby girl named Dascha will be special.



The name Deja, while actually a French word, is purely American in origin. From the French déjà vu, which means “already seen” the name Deja was isolated. It was particularly popular in the ’90s after Billy Ray Cyrus released a song, Deja Blue.



Latvian in origin, the name Dayna means “a collection of the best and most beautiful.” The name traces itself back to Hebrew and Latin roots. Dayna can also mean “someone from Denmark,” so using this name is a great way to give a nod to familial heritage.



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Stemming from Gaelic lore, the name Deidre means “sorrowful and brokenhearted,” since the legend behind the first Deidre ended in heartache when she and her beloved both died tragically. However, she was long revered as the most beautiful woman in Ireland, and a tree grew out of her grave as a testament to that beauty. Since life is full of joy and heartache, this name captures both.



No matter how your baby girl comes to you – with lots of planning or totally by surprise – her life is now a part of your destiny. This name comes from the Latin word “destinare,” which means to determine something. It also means “fate.” Destiny has remained in the top 50 to 100 names in the U.S. for the past two decades with good reason. It’s adorable.



One of the strongest and most amazing heroes in Greek mythology was Perseus – and Danae was his mother. Not only did she birth a hero, she was pretty amazing herself. Sent away with her infant son to drift at sea, she found safety for both of them. The name itself means “she who judges.”




“A loved one.” Simply put, the adorable name Darla is all about love. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, the name Darla is derived from the name Darlene and the word “darling.” Of course, most parents can’t forget Darla as Alfalafa’s love interest in The Little Rascals.



This name is rooted in the popular 1990’s show, Dawson’s Creek. OK, not really, but that’s when the name rose to popularity in the United States for boy babies. It has, however, grown in usage as a gender-neutral name. The name Dawson means “son of David” in Old English, and Daw is a popular nickname.



This gorgeous Slavic name means “morning star.” The name is closely associated with both the planet Venus and the goddess Venus, who represents love, beauty, and fertility. Venus is called the morning star because the bright planet is often the brightest spot in the morning sky. Baby girls are a bright spot in everyone’s world, making this an apt choice.



In Ireland, Delaney is more popular as a last name than a first name, but the name Delaney has been a consistently chosen girl’s name for the past two decades in the U.S. Delaney comes from the Irish name Ó Dubhshláine, which means “a dark challenger.” While somewhat of a unique meaning, it evokes underdog feelings – and everyone loves an underdog story.



More than just a fashion icon, the name Dior comes from the French d’or, which means golden or gilded.




The name Dawn is pretty straightforward in terms of meaning and origin. The English word for the breaking of the morning, this name is nothing but sunny, cheerful, and full of new beginnings. For a rainbow baby or child born into a blended family, Dawn captures the essence of that fresh joy.



More than just an awesome cartoon from the 1990s, the name Daria is actually centuries old. Daria is a name of both Greek and Persian heritage that means “to maintain her possessions well.” It can also mean someone who is wealthy or prosperous.



Simply put, the name Deanna is divine. The name comes from the Roman goddess of fertility, childbirth, the moon, and hunting — Diana. The name Deanna represents a strong, powerful female presence, which is something the world needs more of.




The name Dorothy has been in use since the 1400’s in its current form, making it one of the oldest names. Dorothy means “gift from God.” A bonus to the name Dorothy? The particularly adorable nickname for your baby girl, Dot.



In 2013, singer Larry Hernandez invented this Spanish-rooted name. It’s a combination of two other names — the Italian Delizia and Spanish Delicio — which both mean delightful, sweet, or delicious. For a brief period, it was actually the fastest-growing baby girl name that starts with “D” in the United States.



Is dulce de leche one of your pregnancy cravings? Dulcie comes from the Latin word for “sweet” and is also the Spanish word for candy. This cute, uncommon name totally encapsulates the sweetness of a new baby girl.



Spiking a bit in popularity in the last ten years, the name Della is thought to be of German origin and means “nobility.” It’s also born out of the name Delia, which means, “delicate.” Noble and delicate — an apt description of a baby girl.



Dionysus was the Greek goddess of fruit, wine, and vegetation. The name Denise means a follower of Dionysus. The botanical nature of this name evokes images of a bright, growing, and thriving baby girl.



Sure, the first place your mind goes is the iconic Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. Broody and handsome, how could it not? This name is popular for girls and boys, whether they are broody or not. The name actually has Irish roots that mean “dark-haired.” While no one can guarantee your baby girl’s dark head of hair will stay, this name might be a sweet way to remember those early days. Maybe you just love Jane Austen, which is a perfectly valid reason to choose the literary name Darcy for your baby girl.

Don’t let the monumental decision of choosing a name overwhelm you. While there’s so many choices, you’ll know when you hear the perfect name. If you decide on a name that begins with “D” for your baby girl, any of these strong, powerful, and sweet monikers will make a great choice.