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30 Disney Girl Names To Fall In Love With

Whether she’ll be your little princess, or your little warrior — or both.

by Shannon Fiedler and Jennifer Parris
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There’s no denying the magic that is Disney. Whether you’re playing at one of the parks with your family or watching the latest Disney movie in theaters, the recurring themes of teamwork, resilience, and friendship are woven into the fabric of every single thing that Disney produces. And if you’re expecting, you might want to capture those admirable qualities by adding some Disney girl names to your baby names list.

When you think of Disney girl names, you might imagine that you’ll only get to choose from a list of Disney princess names, but that’s not the case. There are so many strong female characters throughout all of the Disney films, some playing protagonists (and, ahem, a couple of misunderstood antagonists), and others who are in supporting roles that are just as significant as someone like Snow White or Ariel. That’s why considering other characters who might have had less screen time than the princesses can still honor the essence of Disney but in a more subtle way.

As you write down potential names for your child, you might want to inspire some bippity boppity boo magic of your own by picking a girl’s name inspired by some of the coolest Disney characters, ever.



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There are so many reasons to love the name Daisy. First, it’s a floral baby name, and those are always fashionable. Then, there’s the Disney connection, since Daisy Duck was one of the first Disney characters, debuting back in 1937. The name itself comes from the Old English word “dægeseage,” which means “day’s eye”, perfect for a baby who has her days and nights still mixed up.



Curiouser and curiouser. Prepare to go down the rabbit hole if you try to figure out this name’s origin. Alice originates from the Old French name Aalis, which is a diminutive of Adelais. That name derives from the Germanic name Adalhaidis, which is comprised of the Proto-Germanic components “apala”, which means “noble”, and “haidu”, which means “kind” or “appearance”.



Who wouldn't want to be named after the powerful snow queen from Disney's biggest hit? The name also offers a variety of charming nicknames, like Elle, Ellie, or Elsie.



Perhaps the most adorable princess in Disney history, Anna is a great, bubbly namesake for your child. The name is simple and regal, and doesn't scream Disney at all, allowing you a subtle ode to your favorite cartoon.



Colette is fierce and capable, but also kindhearted and helpful. The French name is chic and feminine, making it a great choice for any little girl.



In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is driven, hard-working, and kind, making her a wonderful heroine for your daughter to emulate. It’s a funny thing when a Disney princess’ name literally means “princess”. And that’s exactly what Tiana means — “princess”. The name is of Slavic and Russian origin, but can also mean “day light” or “joy”, too.



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The oldest of the three Parr children in The Incredibles, Violet Parr has some of the coolest superpowers: She can become invisible at will and form some pretty fab force fields, too. The name Violet derives from the Latin word “viola” which means, naturally, “purple”. Which is kind of ironic, considering that their costumes are orange, black, and yellow.



Let your baby’s name take flight with Wendy, darling. As everyone knows, Wendy Darling is the eldest of the three Darling children from the 1953 animated Disney movie, Peter Pan. She is more mature than the others and takes on a motherly role in the story, which makes her name so fitting. Wendy is a name of English origin and means, “friend”.



You can’t consider Disney girl names without mentioning Minnie. Of course, she’s best known as Mickey Mouse’s sweetie, but Minnie is actually a derivative of the name Mary. The name Minnie is thought to mean “of the sea” or “bitter”, but despite the sour significance, Minnie can be a sweet old-fashioned name for your child.



Twinkle, twinkle, little star. You won’t have to wish upon a star when you select the name Evangeline for your baby. Appearing in the movie, The Princess and the Frog, Evangeline has a starring role — literally as the Evening Star. The name is of Greek origin and means “good news”, which is just what the birth of your baby will bring.



Sure, you want to give your child a Disney girl name, but you might not want it to be so obvious. So if you love the story of Cinderella but don’t want your kid’s carriage to turn into a pumpkin at midnight, consider Cindy. It’s of Greek origin, meaning “from Mount Kynthos”, which isn’t too far from rural France, where the story of Cinderella may have originated.



Not sold on Cindy? Well, if you love Cinderella, you can always chop off the first two syllables and simply call your baby girl Ella. The name has a few varying origins, ranging from ancient Germanic al prefix Alia (which eventually became Ella) to the Spanish word “ella” which means “she” or “her”.



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Although her name might not be immediately apparent as a Disney girl name, Bonnie is an important character in the Toy Story franchise. A 4-year-old girl, Bonnie Anderson eventually becomes the owner of Andy’s toys, including Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. As for its origin, Bonnie is a Scottish name that means “pretty”.



It’s hard not to envision little blue fish when you think of the name Dory. But if you’re a Finding Nemo fan, Dory is an adorable name for your baby that you won’t soon forget. The name is of both Greek and French origin and means, “gift of God”.



Although you might know her better as Mrs. Incredible or ElastiGirl, Helen is a Disney girl name that deserves to be on your list. From the Greek meaning “light” or “bright”, Helen is a strong name (think Helen of Troy, for example) that could be incredible for the baby who was born making her presence known.



Your beautiful baby won’t be a poor unfortunate soul when you bestow the name Ursula upon them. It derives from the Latin “ursa”, meaning “she-bear”. Now, Ursula (otherwise known as the Sea Witch) is an antagonist in The Little Mermaid, since her ultimate goal was to control the seas. But hey, maybe it just means that your little gal will love splashing in the ocean instead.



The girl’s name Ariel existed long before The Little Mermaid hit the theaters back in 1989. Still, it’s hard to conjure up the name without seeing a sweet singing red-haired mermaid, isn’t it? Ariel is a gender-neutral name that is of Hebrew origin and means “lion of God”. But when your baby arrives, you might want to name them Ariel, since you’ll be so happy that they’re a part of your world now.



You could name your child Snow White, or you could find a name that’s somewhat similar to the snowy princess. And you can’t do better in finding a name that signifies Snow White than Blanca. A few countries claim Blanca as their own, such as Spain (where “blanca” means “white”), and France, where Blanca is a derivative of the name Blanche.



You’ll never know how far your baby can go when you name them Moana. Moana is all about testing the waters (ha) of bravery and staying true to yourself — pretty novel ideas for a newborn. Moana is a gender-neutral name that is of Polynesian origin meaning “deep ocean” or “sea”.



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In Finding Nemo, Pearl is the little pink flapjack octopus who Nemo meets on their first day of school. She has one tentacle that is shorter than the rest, which she says you can barely notice. As for the name Pearl, it means just that — “pearl”. It is of Latin origin and the precious gemstone (which grows inside an oyster, mussel, or clam) might be the perfect name for your own little precious Pearl.



When you want your child’s name to signify strength, make way for Mulan. Breaking free from societal bounds, Mulan becomes a renowned warrior. Although her name (which is of Chinese origin) means “magnolia blossom” or “wood orchid”, Mulan is no shrinking violet.



The flaming red hair. The precision archery skills. The fierce independence. There’s so much to love about Merida, the protagonist in the 2012 movie, Brave. The name Merida means, “one who has achieved a high honor” and is a female name of Latin origin.



Of Latin origin, Aurora is a girl’s name which means “dawn”. And that’s fitting, since Aurora is better known by her other name — Sleeping Beauty. She shows inner strength, but is also independent and brave. Let’s just hope that with a name that means “dawn”, your little one won’t be up at the crack of it.



Her name means “beautiful” in French, and that’s definitely the case for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. But Belle is so much more than her beauty; she’s an avid bibliophile, adores her father, and yearns for adventure beyond her small, sleepy French village. Although Belle can stand on its own as a name, there are so many names that end in Belle that you might want to put on your baby naming list, like Annabelle, Isabelle, Mabel, and so on.



You might feel the rush (the sugar rush, that is) when you name your child Vanellope. Since it’s not a common name, most Disney fans will probably know you were inspired by the sweet glitchy girl from the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. It seems that Vanellope is a variation of the name Penelope, which is of Greek origin and means, “weaver”.



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It’s a whole new world when you become a parent. So get ready to explore parenthood with your baby who you might want to name Jasmine. It’s from the film Aladdin, and Jasmine is one of the official Disney princesses. The name is of Persian origin and derives from the word “yāsamīn” which means “gift from God” or “fragrant flower”.



Thinking of naming your baby Mirabel? Well, be prepared for your little one will put you under an enchantment all their own. The name comes from Mirabel Madrigal, the heroine in the movie Encanto, and means “wondrous” or “of wondrous beauty” and is of Latin origin.



Sometimes, there are big emotions surrounding pregnancy and giving birth. And Riley can represent all of those feelings (i.e. joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear), much like her character in Inside Out. Now a gender-neutral name, Riley is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means “valiant” as well as “rye meadow”.



Although the film takes place in the fantasy world of Kumandra, there’s nothing fantastical about the name Raya. Meaning “friend” in Hebrew, the name Raya came to be popular from the Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon. It also has another meaning — “flag” in Arabic as well.



Admit it. You might have thought about lifting your baby up in a total circle of life moment a la Simba in The Lion King. If Simba doesn’t suit your fancy, you might love Nala. She’s the childhood BFF of Simba and eventually, his wife. Nala is a name with many origins and meanings, including “first drink of water” or “water in the desert” from both Arabic and African origins, while in some countries in Africa, it means “queen”, “lion” and “successful woman.”

If you’re trying to think up a name for your baby, you can get some major inspiration from Disney girl names. From princesses to paupers (and everything in between), every name symbolizes strength, which is something you definitely want to give to your daughter.

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