Friday the 13th

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These Friday The 13th Baby Names Are Perfectly Spooky

If your due date falls on the “unlucky” date, just embrace it.

Whether you’re superstitious or just a little ‘stitious, Friday the 13th is no doubt a day that brings thoughts of spooky vibes, bad juju, and the potential for danger to the forefront of most minds. So, if your baby’s due date falls on this unlucky date, you can either fret about it (and maybe ask to be induced early?) or just roll with it. If you love a theme and aren’t afraid to embrace the scare-factor of the day, these Friday the 13th baby names are especially fitting for your little bundle of nightmares.

Between urban legends and creepy folklore about avoiding black cats that cross your path and not walking under ladders to evade certain doom, it makes sense that parents of Friday the 13th babies might feel a bit iffy about willingly choosing a baby name linked to the day. Reassuringly, old wives’ tales about babies born on Friday the 13th actually point to these children being lucky and even sweet — if not a bit chaotic — so things aren’t as bad as they may initially seem.

Inspired by superstitions, pop culture, movies, and the general eerie ethos surrounding the date, one of these Friday the 13th baby names could be the perfect pick for your little one.



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Jason is the name of the main villain in the Friday the 13th movie franchise, so it makes sense for babies born on the date. But Jason also means “healer,” so the name isn’t solely a spooky one.



Black cats are thought to be one of the harbingers of Friday the 13th misfortune. Cat as a baby name could be short for Catherine or Cathleen, so it’s not solely connected to the day, but it definitely fits.



Meaning “fortunate,” Felix is a Friday the 13th baby name to use if you believe the old wives’ tales about the day that says babies born on the date will be lucky. Felix is also the name of an old cartoon character who’s a black cat, so there’s that, too.



While some count Friday the 13th as the most unluckiest of days, you can choose to rewrite that narrative and reframe the day with a baby named Lucky. (Plus, your baby will have their very own Britney Spears theme song, which is an absolute gift.)



Surprisingly, this androgynous baby name actually means “charm.” It’s derived from the Greek word meaning “bird of witchcraft,” so Jinx really does work well as a Friday the 13th baby name.



Really lean into the dark magic side of Friday the 13th lore by naming your baby Coven — as in, a group of witches. You could certainly choose a witchy baby name like Winifred or Sabrina based on a beloved pop culture witch, but for a Friday the 13th baby, why not go all out?



A name synonymous with betrayal, Judas is one Friday the 13th baby name to consider if you’re looking for something a little dark. Despite the name’s sinister appeal, it actually means “praise” in Hebrew.



Fans of the Friday the 13th movie franchise will certainly see the connection here to Camp Crystal Lake. Crystal also means “ice” or “gem,” so it’s a name with chilly connotations that still sparkles.



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If you’re into folklore and urban legends, you might also be inspired by magical baby names like Moon that evoke power or other aspects of the metaphysical and spiritual realms. Perhaps a name with this type of astronomical connection will help protect your baby from whatever danger lurks on Friday the 13th.



If you have a love of slasher movies like Friday the 13th, perhaps a name inspired by another horror film’s main character — and one who eventually battled Jason in the 2003 movie Freddy vs. Jason — could be in the running? Short for Frederick, you could also go with a nickname like Fred as well.



Hear me out here, please. Swifties know that Taylor Swift’s favorite number is 13. So, if you’re a super fan who is expecting a baby on Friday the 13th, why not pick this moniker for your little one? No bad blood here, just mad love for your baby.



In the 1972 version of Freaky Friday, Jodie Foster’s character, Annabel, switches bodies with her mom on Friday the 13th. While the same date isn’t used in the 2003 remake, the name of Lindsay Lohan’s character, Anna, is a nod to the original. Whether you go with Anna or Annabel — or pick the spelling of horror film character Annabelle — there are lots of connections to draw from here.



Though it’s hard to imagine calling a newborn “sweet little Danger,” it’s also kind of an amazing pick — especially for a Friday the 13th baby. If you don’t want your baby’s name to sound too menacing, you could always go with Dan as a nickname.



Mallory is a baby name of French origin that means “unfortunate” or “unlucky.” Despite its meaning, the name sounds spunky and has a vintage feel, so like Friday the 13th itself usually turns out, it’s actually not as bad as it actually seems.



Of Greek origin, this baby name means “evil spirit.” It’s primarily used for girls, since in Greek mythology, Keres were thought to be female spirits of death. Fittingly eerie for someone born Friday the 13th.

Whether you pick a name with just enough spook factor to make the connection to the date or go with a Friday the 13th-inspired baby name that’s super on-the-nose with regard to superstitions, these names might just inspire your kid to love horror movies and black cats one day. (Or, at least help them not be so scared of them eventually.)