Beth Loster

Beth Loster is a freelance writer for Romper, where she writes about the complex intersection of identity and childrearing as experienced through raising her (soon-to-be) two young daughters. Beth's bylines appear regularly on Romper, sustainable clothing blog, Birds of a Thread, and have been featured on Good Morning America's family column. Specializing in early childhood development, she is licensed to run a preschool and worked for ten years as an educator, with the majority of her experience taking place in a low-income, cooperative, play-based preschool in San Francisco. This experience informed her belief that the early years of a child's life are the most essential and that cultivating powerful, self-assured children from any walk of life requires the integrated support of the child's family, teachers, and community. While her working knowledge of child development is vast, Beth still frequently questions her parenting choices and finds musing about those doubts through the written word to be her best outlet. When not writing or professional momming, Beth enjoys yoga, drawing cartoons about the absurdity of everyday life, baking, eating the things she's baked, dance parties, and consistently early bedtimes. You can access Beth's cartoons, photos of her adorable daughters, and personal blog on Instagram at @bethalli or at her website