Rae Goodman

Rae Goodman is an identity writer for Romper whose writing focuses on parenting, LGBTQ+ issues, health, and education. Rae is a credentialed science teacher with a masters' in biology and experience teaching at all age levels, from preschool to medical school. He (or she - either pronoun is ok for Rae) also teaches math, health, and LGBTQ+ issues, including classroom teaching and professional development workshops. In addition to her writing for Romper, Rae has written museum exhibits on queer history, curriculum for integrated science, a training handbook for wilderness education leaders, a blog about her experiences as a bearded woman, and hundreds upon hundreds of student evaluations. Right now, in addition to writing for Romper, Rae's primary work is taking care of her two children, including worldschooling/wildschooling/homeschooling them. Rae, her partner, and their two kids enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring. Rae has lived most of her life in California. She still calls Oakland home, but she and her family recently moved back to her hometown near Chicago, to be closer to Rae's family.