Prince Louis could attend the same school as his big siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
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Prince Louis Could Mark A Big Milestone Soon With His Siblings By His Side

And Kate Middleton and Prince William may only have to juggle one school drop-off.

There are some milestones that feel like a big deal to parents, and others that are a bigger deal to kids. Prince Louis’ newest milestone is probably one of those ones that the whole family can get excited about. Because it seems the 4-year-old Prince Louis is reportedly getting ready to go to a new school along with his big brother and sister. And that’s going to mean big changes for everyone in the Cambridge household.

Currently, Prince Louis is attending London’s Willcock’s Nursery School, where he and his fellow students are being guided towards a positive relationship with learning in a nurturing environment. As for his siblings, 8-year-old Prince George and 6-year-old Princess Charlotte are students at Thomas’s Battersea School in London, where they both take lessons in things like drama, dance, and eat delicious lunches at the school cafeteria that sound significantly better than anything the rest of us are eating.

While their school sort of sounds like heaven on earth, Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly considering a move in the near future. The couple are expected to move out of their Kensington Palace home and relocate to Windsor to be closer to 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth, according to The Daily Express, and this move will mean a new school for the kids as well.

Only this time, it seems they will all be going to the same spot.

Prince Louis’ older brother Prince George has reportedly already visited this new school, which has not been named, in a “settling in-style trial class,” a source told The Daily Express, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited the Windsor-based school several times themselves to see if it would be a good fit for their children. If the school is a good fit, Middleton and Prince William are expected to send all three kids together. And what’s especially refreshing is that the other students apparently had no idea who Prince George was and no idea he was heir to the throne, so that should make things easier.

If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to send all three of their kids to the same school, the morning drop-off should be easier as well. Both parents have been quite dedicated to dropping their kids off at school in the mornings whenever they can, so much so that Middleton has been seen dashing in at the last minute with her hair in a ponytail like every other mom. One school means one school drop-off. Everybody wins here.