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Kate Middleton Snaps Precious New Photo Of Princess Charlotte For Her 9th Birthday

She looks just like her dad.

It’s birthday season in the Wales household. Just days after celebrating Prince Louis’ sixth birthday, Kate Middleton and Prince William released a new photo to celebrate their daughter Princess Charlotte’s ninth birthday. And royal fans cannot get over how much she looks like her dad.

Despite currently undergoing treatment for cancer, Kate Middleton kept up her tradition of taking her daughter Princess Charlotte’s photo for her ninth birthday, which she and Prince William shared on social media on May 2. In the new photo, Princess Charlotte is posing outdoors alongside some flowers, wearing a denim skirt over navy tights with a navy sweater, a blouse, and a berry-colored cardigan to top it off. Princess Charlotte is smiling happily, which is lovely for royal fans to see as her family is going through such a difficult time, and her hair is left down long. Very long. Mostly royal watchers could not quite get over how much Princess Charlotte looks like her dad Prince William when he was a little boy. More and more with each passing year, it seems.

As one royal fan wrote on Princess Charlotte’s birthday photo, “William said copy and paste hahaha,” which just about sums it up.

Another royal fan noticed a resemblance to someone else in the family. Princess Charlotte’s late grandmother Princess Diana, writing “is she going to look like her grandma Princess Diana when she’s grown up?” As Prince William looked so much like his mother when he was younger, it would not be a big surprise if Princess Charlotte looked like her grandmother. She has certainly been known to take after her late grandmother in other ways over the years.

While neither of her parents have shared their plans for Princess Charlotte’s birthday, Prince William did recently give a positive update on life at home with his family. While visiting Newcastle this week, he was asked about his family and said, “All doing well, thank you. Yes, we’re all doing well.”

While the Princess of Wales has always stayed up late baking her children’s birthday cakes, we suspect Princess Charlotte would certainly understand if her mom is not up to the task this year. In fact, all three of Middleton’s children, including Princess Charlotte’s 10-year-old brother Prince George, have all been doing their best to take care of their mom and shown “extraordinary resilience” in the face of her cancer diagnosis.

Maybe Princess Charlotte baked her own cake. After all, we do know she likes to get her “hands messy” in the kitchen with her siblings.