A dad laughing while carring his son on his shoulders through the house taking a selfie
10 Signs You’re A Basic Dad
by Dina Leygerman

Basic moms are everywhere, so we see them and talk about them constantly. Basic dads, however, have been successfully flying under the radar for some time. Sure, some typical dad characteristics defy age and decade, but there are definitely some signs you're truly a basic dad by today's standards. After all, dads no longer come home, throw their feet up on the coffee table, and request that a beer be handed to them immediately. No, in today's world dads are finally encouraged to be just as involved in their kids' lives as mom. Well, almost as much.

The man I share my house, children, and life with definitely has a few basic characteristics. He loves his Netflix and chill, for example. I also know quite a few full-blown basic dads, so I believe I'm qualified to discuss the topic at hand. So that dude with the sensible shoes, wearing clothes with company logos and only purchasing "necessary" items? Yeah, that's a basic dad. The father that can't stop making ridiculous jokes, and unapologetically loves cargo shorts? Also a basic dad.

So while basic moms are getting all the attention (and the criticism) these days, I think it's time to give the basic dads of the world some love. From failing to finish another DIY project, to being a die-hard fan of a probably horrible sports team, you just have to appreciate the basic dad that, if nothing else, is an engaged parent and loving member of the family.

You Love Beer

Just like basic moms love their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, basic dads absolutely cannot live without their Oktoberfests, Harvest Ales, and Angry Orchard Ciders. C'mon basic dads, I'm right, aren't I?

Your Grilling Skills Are On Point

Basic dads can grill anything. Pineapple? Yes. Various vegetables? Cube them up and throw them on the barbie. Everything can be grilled in basic dad land. And it all tastes amazing, by the way.

You Use A Baby Carrier

You hardly ever see a dad pushing his baby around in a stroller, but you can spot 10 dads at the zoo babywearing with pride. Basic dads love those carriers because they leave their hands open for that Oktoberfest Lager. Right, basic dad?

You're Obsessed With Coffee

Once in a while, I forget to order more coffee from Amazon and an epic battle between my husband and I ensues. Everyone wants the last (biodegradable) pod. I usually win, because I definitely need the coffee more, but he puts up quite the fight.

You Have Started 10 Home Projects & Haven't Finished Any Of Them

Currently, I am staring at a wall that was half-painted two years ago, a half-finished mantle that was also started two years ago, a semi-deconstructed dining room ceiling, unsecured bookshelves, and multiple burned out lightbulbs. I would take care of some of those things myself, but I absolutely refuse to do everything around here. So, it will continue to go unfinished, because, yes, my husband can be basic, too.

You Wear Cargo Shorts & North Face Jackets

Pretty sure that's the official basic dad uniform.

You Use Reddit

Basic dads don't really have active social media accounts. In fact, in my experience they prefer reddit when sharing the "genius" of their bathroom humor. They also use it to share touching stories and ask questions about parenthood, so it's not just fodder for dad jokes, mind you.

You Love Your Gadgets

Basic dads love the latest electronics and gadgets. They will sometimes even stand in line for the latest phone release. If it has buttons and apps, a basic dad will love it.

You Laugh At Your Own Jokes

Show me a dad that's constantly telling stagnant jokes, then laughing at them for far too long, and I will show you a basic dad. I don't know a single basic father who doesn't love telling a "dad joke," or two.

You're Obsessed With At Least One Sports Team

In my experience, every basic dad has at least one sports team he seemingly can't live without. When the season is upon him, he's reading every scouting report and watching every game and preparing for the playoffs. The good news? Buying a present for this sports-loving dad is super easy.