Mother's Day

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How To Put Together A Memorable Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Caffeine, cupcakes, and cards are just the start.

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Gift baskets get kind of a bad rap, but it’s 2023 now, and gift boxes and curated sets have come a long way from the OG wicker baskets wrapped in cellophane. If you’re thinking of making a Mother’s Day gift basket for your partner, mom, or best friend, do it — it’s the best way to give her a collection of items that show her you love her, celebrate her interests, and ensure she has a stash of treats in the pantry just for her. Don’t forget to throw in some of her favorite things for Mother’s Day, like her holy grail lip balm or the rosé she recommends to everyone. And if you need a little inspo to get started on your gift basket, consider giving Mom...

A handwritten note

Sure, it might be a timesaver to text a quick “Happy Mother’s Day” to your friend, but where’s the sentimentality in that? When you’re thinking of what to put in a Mother’s Day gift basket, start out with a stroll through the Mother’s Day card aisle. Including a handwritten message will make the card even more meaningful.


When in doubt, go with food. Really. When it comes to what to put in a Mother’s Day basket, you just can’t go wrong by selecting snacks that she would absolutely love to eat. (Bonus points if the treats are meant just for her and her alone.)

Gift cards

If you’re still trying to figure out what to put in a Mother’s Day gift basket, swing by your local supermarket and stock up on gift cards. What they lack in sentimentality they more than make up for in practicality. It makes online shopping effortless, which is something a new mom needs, especially in those first few foggy weeks after bringing Baby home.


Coffee is a can’t-lose gift for new moms, seasoned moms — any moms, really. Depending on how she likes her cup of joe, you can pick up some pods, get her some ground coffee, or bulk up her bean supply. She’ll thank you for keeping her caffeinated — and content.

Self-care items

Pampering items are always a plus for a Mother’s Day gift basket. And since a soak in the bathtub is a great way for a mom to find relax and respite, look for products that can provide self-care that she might not think to get for herself (and aren’t too complicated to use).

Something affirmative

Sometimes you just need a reminder from the universe that you’re doing a good job. Motherhood affirmation cards can be a gentle way to remind both expecting and new moms that they’re a great mom, that motherhood is an imperfectly perfect journey, and that it’s absolutely okay to ask for help when you need it.

Wine or spirits

It’ll always be wine o’clock when you put some spirits into your Mother’s Day gift basket for your bestie. Although shoving a 6-pack might not fit well into the basket, a bottle of good wine or champagne to celebrate would be a thoughtful (and much appreciated) present.

Beauty or skin care products

Stashing some beauty or skin care products inside your Mother’s Day gift basket is a great way to make her smile. You can always buy Mom a fresh tube of her must-have mascara or treat her to a new product that’s one of your personal faves. And you can’t go wrong with sheet masks and lip balms.

A gift basket tailored to her interests

If the mom you’re shopping for is passionate about her garden, obsessed with international snacks, or deep into coffee culture, she’ll love a curated box that celebrates her interests fully. When it’s so easy to get caught up in the kids and what matters to them, remind her that the things she loves are important too.

Putting together a Mother’s Day gift basket doesn’t have to be stressful. Go ahead and have fun with putting it together, blending a mix of fun, practical, and unique gifts. Mom will end up loving at least one of the items from your assortment. The odds are in your favor.

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