These St. Patrick's Day books are full of leprechauns, Irish legends, and luck.
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20 St. Patrick's Day Books Your Little Leprechaun Will Love

You'll feel extra lucky with these reads on your child's bookshelf.

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Decorations are great, playing fun music is a blast, but if you really want to get your fam in the spirit for an approaching holiday, reading a bunch of children’s literature on the topic is the best way to prepare. And though St. Patrick’s Day might be considered a more minor annual celebration than Christmas or Halloween, there’s still a whole canon of picture books to choose from, including these 20 St. Patrick’s Day books to get your kids in the mood for some Irish-inspired fun.

Naturally, leprechauns play a starring role in many of the following titles, but creative authors have figured out other ways to address the theme without that spritely trope. Shamrocks and luck are big topics, too. There’s a twist on The Night Before Christmas (can you guess how it goes?), a Pete the Cat St. Pat’s book… even Curious George makes a cameo. You didn’t know he was Irish, did you? Kidding.

As the anticipation builds toward the day when wearing green is required and a pot of lucky chocolate gold coins may or may not make an appearance, give your kids a stack of colorful illustrated children’s books and get them excited for March 17 with these entertaining St. Patrick’s Day reads.

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Leprechaun Mischief

This silly book written in rhyme tells children all about the hijinks leprechauns will bring upon them and how they’ll never be able to really catch one. At the same time, it might inspire some enterprising catchers to prepare the ultimate trap and try their luck.


Pete The Cat Tries To Catch A Leprechaun

For Pete the Cat fans, this is another great read starring our feline hero. After learning about leprechauns in class, Pete decides to start his own leprechaun-catching business and you can imagine where it goes from there.


There Was An Old Lady

That old lady, she sure does have some weird taste in food. And that’s why kids love this book in all of its many iterations. This time, she’s chomping down on some clover. Go figure.


Counting Leprechauns

Written by a kindergarten teacher and a school psychologist respectively, you can bet that this book checks all of the educational boxes. Basically it’s a counting book disguised as a story about 10 silly leprechauns.


How Leprechauns Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Is your kid curious about how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Let this cute book inspire them as you read all about how a leprechaun family throws a wild St. Paddy’s party complete with a parade and traditional Irish food.


A Book Blending Two Holiday Stories

In this classic poem, author Natasha Wing takes creative license with Clement Clarke Moore’s classic Christmas story and has two clever kids actually catch a leprechaun, perhaps the fictional payoff your kids have been looking for.


A Leprechaun Story To The Tune Of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Children learn the Itsy Bitsy spider rhyme at a young age, which makes this sing-able book all the more fun. Think: “The itsy bitsy leprechaun was hiding pots of gold. Down came a rainbow, colorful and bold… ”


A Curious Monkey On St. Patrick's Day

Leave it to literature’s favorite monkey to get up to all kinds of shenanigans on St. Patrick’s Day. Curious George learns to jig, looks for leprechauns, and lots more in this book.


Build A Leprechaun Trap

If you don’t have enough leprechaun trap ideas, this colorful book will help further your young architect’s dreams of snatching one of those mythical creatures.


Learn Colors With Leprechauns

Teach your child all about colors while also giving them a crash course in self expression with this book about a leprechaun who wants to wear colors other than green.


The Gingerbread Man Meets The Leprechaun

If you’ve read any Gingerbread man books, you know they’re hilarious. And this one that finds our hero the Gingerbread Man in a race to save a gingerbread house from destruction by a pesky leprechaun is no different.


An Irish Dragon Book

A book all about a dragon on St. Patrick’s Day that’s secretly filled with sight words? That’s right. This is the perfect book for early readers working on phonics and vocabulary words.


Baby's First St. Patrick's Day Book

If your child is still a bit confused on what exactly leprechauns do, let author Eve Bunting illuminate them. In this whimsical tale three tricky leprechauns go about their business playing pranks on unassuming neighbors for a tale that’s full of good humor.


A Classic St. Pat’s Folktale

Beloved children’s book author Tomie dePaola tells a tale of a lazy potato farmer who, with the help of a leprechaun, grows the biggest potato ever. But is it too large for the villagers to handle? You’ll have to read it to find out.


An I Spy Book

Written for toddlers, this book is actually more of a game challenging kids to identify St. Patrick’s Day items throughout.


A St. Pat’s Decorating Contest For The Ages

Every year the towns of Tralee and Tralah compete for the best decorations for St. Patrick’s Day and every year Tralah wins. But this year little Fiona Riley has a plan. Can she do it or will a leprechaun spoil her work?


A Puppy St. Pat’s Book

Prefer your picture books star a pup? This tale of Tiny, a giant dog, will delight. Tiny is going to a big St. Patrick’s Day party in the park, but when his friend loses her shoe, it’s up to him to save the day.


A St. Patrick’s With A Twist

The ants go marching on and on in a St. Patrick’s Day parade in this sweet early reader book. Will they find gold at the end of the march? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.


One Pup’s Lucky Break

Imagine you’re a terrier pup and you roll in a patch of four-leaf clovers and suddenly everything goes your way. Sounds pretty magical, right? That’s the story behind this picture book.


A St. Patrick’s Day Conundrum

The “from the Black Lagoon” series is all about what happens when we let our imaginations run wild with worse case scenarios. In this one, Hubie can’t figure out what to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. Do pickles count as something green?