10 Fool-Proof Ways To Make Your "Mom Mornings" Easier

As moms, we’re always trying to make life a little easier on ourselves. Why?Because once we're mothers, everyone is constantly demanding everything from us. Whether it’s our babies demanding to be fed, our preschoolers demanding we play with them, or our partners asking if we know where they left whatever, it’s always something. Even if we’re sick or in the shower or on the damn toilet, it never ends. Thankfully, there are some fool-proof ways to make your “mom mornings” easier. No, really. I promise, it's possible.

Sometimes, I fantasize about the perfect mornings. Hell, I even watch YouTube influencer videos on morning rituals. I'm obsessed with those things, and the thought of perfecting my morning routine. I know that stretching or, better yet, doing yoga first thing in the morning helps me have a better day. I know that I should be drinking a ton of water as soon as I wake up. I know that writing down some positive things in a journal is probably a nice way to consistently start my days.

But I’m also a mom, and most of these influencers appear to be, well, more like 20-something single and child-free folks who obviously have maids clean up after them. Sadly, I’m the only one who cleans up after me these days, and I have a lot on my plate as a busy mom with a business of her own with an equally busy partner to boot. So I’m not focusing so much on things that only have to do with me here, but rather, things that will simplify my (and your) experience as a busy mom.

Wake Up At Least 15-30 Minutes Before Anyone Else

Quiet time alone is magical for moms. We rarely get to enjoy a few interruption-free moments, but I find that waking up before everyone else always makes my mornings better and easier. If I'm the first one up, I don’t have people constantly asking me, “Where is this?” and, “Can I have that?” and I can focus on my morning tasks.

Purchase A Coffee Machine With A Timer

If you happen to drink coffee (which I highly recommend), I can honestly say that having a machine with a timer can be a wonderful time-saver. Few things are better than having a hot cup of coffee, or even tea, already waiting for you when you roll out of bed.

Pack Kid Lunches The Night Before

Making my son’s lunch is without-a-doubt the most daunting morning task. It’s usually some combination of deli meat and cheese, crackers or bread or pretzels, cut up fruit and veggies, and a pouch. But when I actually take the time to prep his meals the night before (and leave the lunchbox in the fridge overnight), I am always, always patting myself on the back. So if you send your kid off to daycare or school, I suggest preparing their meals ahead of time.

Set Out Clothes The Night Before, Too

One of my goals in life is to finally be that person who wears outfits they love on a regular basis. But for now, most of my days are spent in pants I should have probably washed by now and old t-shirts overshadowed by an even older hoodie. But when I put just a teensy bit of effort into my outfit, I often feel more confident and put-together. I can’t manage to organize a decent outfit when I’m still half-asleep, though, so I try to put outfits together the night before.

Load The Dishwasher In The Evenings

Nothing sucks worse than waking up to a ridiculous amount of dirty dishes in the sink and all over the kitchen. To ensure breakfast time is stress-free, make sure to have some clean dishes ready and waiting for you.

Always Have Easy, Ready-To-Go Breakfasts Handy

Unless you’re a badass line-cook, making breakfasts in the mornings can be kind of a pain. I have to get myself and help my son get ready for preschool every morning. That means we eat a lot of frozen waffles, pre-cooked sausage, yogurt, and microwaveable oatmeal and burritos. If your baby is simply enjoying bottles these days, you can always have the bottle prepped in the fridge.

Have An Activity Or Form Of Entertainment Readily Available

I wish that I always had the time and energy to sit down to a leisurely breakfast with my kid, but I don't. More often than not, I'm scrambling around to get things done prior to drop-offs, so I sometimes need something to entertain my kid while I try to get things moving. Bust out a puzzle or an educational toy, some books, or if all else fails, a cartoon generally works. Hey, 20 minutes of screen time isn’t the end of the world.

Rinse Dishes Off Soon As You’re Done With Them

You’ll thank yourself when you load that washer the next evening. No need for extra elbow grease.

Use Post-It Reminders For Everyone In The Family

I have my To Do list on my phone, but sometimes I forget to check it. When it comes to household tasks, though, nothing beats a solid post-it note staring me in the face. It’s also an effective way to remind my partner to help with this or pick up that. Plus, once my kid’s old enough to read, he can use these, too.

Keep Your Important To-Go Items Near The Door

Purse. Keys. Coats. Bookbags. Anything that’s essential for outside-the-house errands should be readily available and easy to find. Make it a habit and you’ll never find yourself scrambling all over the lego-ridden house again!

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