10 People Pregnancy Made Me Feel Connected To

It’s not exactly a secret that pregnancy can create a slew of emotions. The hormones are common knowledge, sure, but there’s also the moments of pure excitement, frustration, and even fear. Plus, all the feels that go along with an intense bout of nausea, which, if you’re anything like me, are plentiful. Thankfully, us pregnant people can share the experience with people around us. Personally, there were a number of people my pregnancy made me feel instantly connected to. Whether it was because I knew I was dealing with something they had also endured, or because they played a part in preparing me for the birth of my baby, or because they happened to be in the right place at the right time, I can’t imagine going through pregnancy without some of them.

Of course, not all relationships are created equal, and some of these people are slightly more influential than others (at least, they are for me). However, and regardless of our varying degrees of relationships, they all deserve a mention. Yes, sometimes I wish our society allowed pregnant women to retreat to a deep cave in the middle of nowhere (that still has electricity and running water and wi-fi, obviously), but then I remember that such a situation would keep me distant from everyone on the list and I think, “Eh, better not.”

My Mom

Let's start with the obvious, shall we? My own mom and I have a great relationship, especially since I started giving her grandchildren, so this one probably comes as no surprise. What other person is there to connect with over childbirth than the person who went through it for you?

Even though a lot of our conversations involve me saying, “Yeah, they don’t do it that way anymore,” she still understands what I'm feeling far better than most.

My Friends Who’ve Already Been Through Pregnancy

Oh, so this is what you guys were talking about. Now I get it. Also, a special shout-out to my friend who flew to visit me and go to the NKOTBSB tour when she was seven months pregnant. At the time, I absolutely did not realize what a ginormous sacrifice this was on your part. I mean, yes, I thought it was awesome, but now I realize it’s “donate a kidney” awesome. That's true friendship.

My Friends Who Aren’t Parents

I see you guys. In fact, I see you, and I know my time in your club is now limited, so let’s cherish these months together as much as possible. Sure, I can no longer drink with you at happy hour, and I feel kinda ridiculous going out dancing. However we can (and should) absolutely meet for coffee at the spur of the moment on a Saturday at 2 p.m. and celebrate the fact that nothing is holding us back (except that I’m supposed to limit my caffeine intake).

My Partner

My partner and I are married, and sometimes I think about how our vows should have probably included “in sickness and in health and during pregnancy.” I mean, he’s seen me sick before, not to mention various other unflattering states including but not limited to camping, 20-hour car trips, and one night in particular when I had too much champagne.

However, those were fairly short-term situations, and the fact that he’s been right by my side during both of my pregnancies, and the fact that he’s my teammate on the entire adventure of parenting, means that pregnancy has definitely brought us closer together.

Anonymous Women On The Internet

Please accept my humble gratitude for posting about things I’d never dream of posting about. Your detailed descriptions of various pregnancy side effects and concerns remind me that I’m not alone (and that the internet is forever.)

Strangers At Babies R Us

Especially when those strangers are a couple wandering through the store with a registry zapper. My spouse and I did it during our first pregnancy, and there’s something about lamenting between a beige and an off-white and an eggshell changing table cover that brings all of us closer together.

Everyone I Ordered Coffee From

I’m sure most of you knew why I was insisting on decaf, but I thank you for not making a big deal out of it anyway. You are truly heroes.

Old FB Friends Who Overshared About Things I Could Relate To

To an old high school friend in particular: I’ve seen you once in like 10 years, but now I always thinking of you when I struggle to stand up after tying my shoes, because I know you understand.

Also, your kids are adorable.

Fancy Celebrity Moms

The fact that I’m pregnant at the same time as Beyoncé means we’re totally soulmates, right? Like, there’s some invisible thread that forever links us together and she will be my best friend, as soon as I can figure out how to get in touch and tell her how perfect that would be.

Great Singers Of The Past Who Give Me Youthful Nostalgia

Perhaps it’s because I’m excited for my young kids to grow and find passions and friends and to discover the soundtracks of their own childhoods. Or, perhaps it’s because I’m scared out of my mind and I find comfort in the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears and various other '90s bops. Either way, my old school playlist has been in heavier rotation lately.