Why It Pays To Be Pregnant One New Year's Eve

Let's be honest: for a lot of people (myself included), New Year's Eve is all about the party. So, when your status is "big-time pregnant lady," it can suck the fun out of an otherwise delightful holiday. Take heart, mama-to-be. There's actually quite a lot more to this particular celebration than a celebratory get-together. In fact, there are many reasons why being pregnant on New Year's Eve is the best.

As a kid, I loved New Year's because it was the one time I was allowed to stay up late. In my tweens, my mom, sister, and I arranged a Keanu Reeves film festival. From Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure to Speed, it was truly glorious. To welcome the new millennium, my high school friends and I had a photo scavenger hunt around town. In my twenties, New Year's Eve was all about finding the perfect outfit and random make-out partners. I classed it up a bit in my thirties, attending a white party at a trapeze arts center.

I really wasn't sure what to expect the year I was pregnant with my daughter. I was still throwing up at Christmas, after all. My husband and I ended up watching television on the couch and, I must admit, it was wonderful. Your New Year's festivities might not be what they once were, but there's still plenty to enjoy. I promise.

You Have A Valid Excuse To Drink Sparkling Cider

Who wants dry, heartburn-inducing champagne anyway? OK, maybe me. And maybe you. But if you can't have it, sparkling cider is kind of the bomb. For me, nothing says it's the holiday season quite like a bottle of Martinelli's. These days, thankfully, they have different flavors. From cranberry to pomegranate, marionberry to peach, the possibilities are endless! Choose to see your cider glass as half-full.

You Won't Have A Hangover

Perhaps the best part about not imbibing this New Year's Eve is not feeling like hot garbage the next day. (I can't promise you won't feel like crap from your pregnancy, but at least it won't be from overindulging.) So while everyone else is nursing a nasty hangover on New Year's Day, you can settle in for a relaxing day of football and snacks.

You Can "Netflix And Chill" And It's Acceptable

I mean, you can actually watch Netflix and chill out. My husband and I camped out on the couch with some popcorn and cider and binged Orange is the New Black. To non-pregnant Kimmie, that sounds a little lame, but it was just exactly what I wanted at the time.

You Can Go To Bed Early

When you get to be a certain age, staying up until midnight starts to lose its appeal. So if you want to bail from the party early, you have a great excuse. It's the one time your friends and family won't give you a hard time for being a grandma. You're tired, and you have a damn good reason.

You Get To Eat All The Food

Go ahead and park yourself next to the snack table, mama-to-be. No one's going to judge the pregnant lady. You're eating for two, a New Year's party is a great opportunity to satisfy some of those sweet and salty cravings. Pigs in a blanket? Yes, please. Chips and guacamole? Get in my belly.

You're Allowed To Skip The Party

If you want to skip the party altogether, you totally can. For those with social anxiety, this is a gold mine. Don't feel like ringing in the new year with your partner's co-workers, your rowdy squad, or obnoxious relatives who haven't left town yet? Don't have to. Goodbye, awkward conversations and hello, cozy bed. A woman growing another human needs her rest, after all.

You Have A Chance To Drop Some Killer Jokes

As in, I can't wait for this ball to drop. You're welcome.

You Can Double-Down On Your Resolutions

The tradition of making resolutions began in 153 BC. The Roman god Janus (for whom January is named) had two faces from which he could look back into the past or forward into the future. These days, we use the new year as an opportunity to set a goal.

As an expectant mama, it's a great chance to break a bad habit because you have someone else counting on know (hello, motivation). Any promise you make to improve your well-being now benefits both you and baby.

You're All About New Beginnings

The new year is all about new beginnings. It's a time to start over and to make positive changes in your life. And this year? Your life will have a new beginning as you bring forth new life. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but it's true. You have extra reason to celebrate the new experiences a new year will bring.

You Get An Over-The-Belly Kiss At Midnight

As my husband and I sat watching the antics of the ladies at Litchfield, the clock struck midnight. We leaned over my growing belly and shared a sweet kiss. Whether you're smooching your partner, a relative, or a friend, it's nice to think about your baby being surrounded by loving arms; arms that will soon welcome them into the world in this new year.