10 Reasons Why All I Want On Mother's Day Is Sex

As Mother's Day approaches, my Facebook feed is full of memes about what moms really want on their special day. If you believe them, you might think most moms want spa days, wine, chocolate, and their partner to clean the house. I will probably get candy, handmade art, and maybe, if I'm lucky, breakfast in bed. While all of those things are lovely, I'm not ashamed to say that all I want on Mother's Day is sex. Lots, and lots, of sex.

I love sex. Love it. Unfortunately, however, uninterrupted sex with my husband doesn't happen as frequently as either of us would like. Between five kids (with varying abilities to sleep through the night), busy schedules, demanding jobs, and sleep deprivation, we've occasionally had to put sex on the back burner. When we do find a moment alone, our kids seem to have a sixth sense about it, wake up, (or lose interest in their video game) and knock on the door just as things are about to get hot and heavy. Thanks, kids.

Even though being a busy mom means that I don't get sex as often as I'd like, it doesn't mean I don't like or want sex anymore. In my desperation not to lose myself to motherhood, I want to feel like myself again, and that person is a sexual, spontaneous, sensual woman with needs, wants, and desires that are completely unrelated to being a mom. So, I know you may judge me, but all I want for Mother's Day is sex. Here are some reasons why:

Because Sex Is Totally Better Than Breakfast In Bed

As much as I love breakfast, sex is better. I would totally rather be woken up by sex with my husband than by a plate of French toast. Now coffee, on the other hand, is probably a tie. Can I have coffee and sex? 'Cause that would be ideal.

Because Sex Is Awesome

Women, especially moms, don't often talk about liking sex. I don't think this is because most moms don't like sex (at least that's not true for me). Instead, I think it's because our culture has some pretty messed up ideas about how moms should dress and act. It seems like every time a celebrity mom poses nude or dresses provocatively, someone says, "You should be ashamed. You are somebody's mother," as if being a mom means you can't be sexy anymore.

I think sex is awesome, and IDGAF if you think that makes me a slut. Just call me Slutty McSlutterson while I'm over here, enjoying orgasms.

Because I Have Enough Handmade Art

Honestly, if the police ever need my kids' fingerprints (or hand prints or footprints) for anything, I totally have them covered. I have boxes and boxes of art projects so, yeah, I don't need any more.

Because This Mom Is Stressed Out

Sex is great self care and awesome for relieving stress. I have too much stress and not enough sex in my life. Momming is hard AF.

Because I Don't Have To Prevent Pregnancy Anymore

Ever since I got my tubes tied, sex is way more fun. After more than 20 years of preventing pregnancy, it's awesome to not have to worry about it.

Because I'm Feeling Down About My Body

Growing tiny humans takes its toll on your body. As someone who is still getting used to my postpartum body after growing baby number three, I need to feel good in my skin again. Sex is awesome for my self-esteem.

Because My Romantic Relationship Is Better When Sex Is A Priority

When my husband and I make time for intimacy and orgasms, our relationship is better. Since happy parents have happy children, our kids benefit when we get some, too.

Because Sex Is Fun For Both Me And My Partner

Sex with my husband is one of my favorite things. I want to do it every day. Heck, if I had unlimited time and energy, I'd want to do it more than once a day. Plus, sex is fun for him, too. Some uninterrupted sexy time on Mother's Day will be a present both of us can enjoy.

Because If I Can't Sleep In I Want An Orgasm

Seriously, I'm tired AF so what I really need is a nap. However, if I can't get a nap and I am going to be tired anyway, I at least want an orgasm.

Because I'm More Than Just A Mom

Becoming a mom doesn't mean I've stopped being a sexual being. Despite what other people think, I can still be a sexy, spontaneous, sensual woman, and a mom. Those attributes aren't mutually exclusive. I want my husband to still see me that way, too, and even when I'm over-tired, over-worked, stressed out, and covered in spit-up most of the time. I don't want to lose myself to motherhood, because I am still me, and me wants sex for Mother's Day.