10 Ways My Partner Handled My Insane Pregnancy Cravings

I have had intense cravings for the most bizarre foods during all three of my pregnancies. It was actually surprising to discover that, when it came to pregnancy, that one stereotype was very real. And just like partners of pregnant people do in the movies, during my latest pregnancy my partner totally delivered when I had the most insane pregnancy cravings.

Each of my pregnancies were different. During my first pregnancy, I craved clementines oranges so intensely that one day I literally ate five pounds of them in one sitting at work. As a result I nearly named the resulting daughter Clementine. During my second pregnancy, I had hyperemesis gravidarum and had trouble both keeping food down and, consequently, gaining any weight. The only food I could consistently keep down was fast food egg sandwiches, so, every morning I went through the drive thru.

During my last pregnancy I again had hyperemesis again and was sick up until the day I delivered. I indulged every craving to get as many calories as possible, and thanks to a partner who went for many late night runs, I am pretty sure this baby is made of Sour Patch Kids, Handisnacks, and cherry slushies.

Whether caused by nutritional deficiencies, your body's attempts to ward off nausea, or by something inexplicable because pregnancy is super weird, growing a human is seriously hard work, and mama needs a sandwich, some pickle chips, and maybe some ice cream. Fortunately for me, my partner went above and beyond to fulfill even my strangest cravings.

He Memorized My Burrito And Sandwich Orders

Actually, he probably had them saved in his phone. Regardless, I was touched that he cared about my preferences and was always able to deliver my favorite burrito or sub when I needed it.

He Went Out At Night To Buy Me Candy

My husband is the type of partner who shows you he cares by doing little things. Who needs grand gestures of love when someone brings you peanut butter M&Ms in the middle of the night, right?

He Brought Me Beer

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

When I had intense cravings for beer, my husband not only brought me a variety of non-alcoholic options to try (some were good, and some definitely not like the real thing), he also brought me 40 bottles of beer and wine for after delivery, one for each week of pregnancy. (Of course, those 40 bottles were not to be consumed all at once. Just sayin'.)

He Bought Me My Favorite Chips

Salt and vinegar chips are the perfect pregnancy food, in my humble opinion. Salty, sour, and starchy. Mmmm chips.

He Ordered Pineapple Pizza

Pineapple pizza is my favorite. I don't know if it's my husband's, because he never questioned it and it continues to be a part of our standing order.

He Stocked The Glove Compartment With Sour Patch Kids

Because I was really nauseated throughout pregnancy and riding in the car was a trigger, those candies were the best thing ever when it came to helping me avoid carsickness. It was a little embarrassing when my 4 year old told a store clerk one day, "Candy is my mom's medicine," but, seriously, it worked.

He Mapped All Of The Places To Get ICEEs Near Our House

Did you know that the company that makes ICEEs has a app that shows you the closest location to get one? My husband discovered this amazing technological revelation and went out for ICEEs when I had a craving.

He Made Me Smoothies

When I craved something cold, my husband made me smoothies to help me get as many calories as possible into my system. I didn't always know what was in them, and I probably didn't want to know, but it was so sweet.

He Hid My Favorite Foods In Our Room So The Kids Wouldn't Eat Them

Keeping special snacks in the house when you have children is a recipe for disappointment. In my experience, either your children see them and don't understand why they can't have them, or you go to have one and discover it's not there. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is get between a pregnant person and a food they need right now, so my husband gathered all of my favorites and hid them in a box in our room.

He Kept Barf Bags On Hand

When (despite medication and fluids and even those candies) I still got sick every car ride, my husband grabbed a few medical-grade emesis bags at an ER visit and kept them in the car for me. He was gentle with me the multiple times I vomited and peed my pants simultaneously in the car. Pregnancy is so glamorous, you guys.