11 Ways Every Grown-Ass Man Can Help During An Ultrasound

Is it fair to say that getting that first ultrasound can be a major pregnant milestone? I mean, there’s some machinery, people in lab coats, and a generous amount of (hopefully warm, but probably freezing) gel all over your stomach. If that’s not a big deal, I don't know what is. I think it’s worth mentioning that my partner’s presence made a significant difference in my ultrasound experience, and I bet there are plenty of other moms out there who can say the same because, thankfully, there are plenty of ways a grown-ass men can help during an ultrasound.

Of course, not all partners are cisgendered males, and this list definitely can (and definitely does) include any and all partners of pregnant women, regardless of gender. However, there's something to be said for partners helping when they're physically incapable of experiencing the exact same situation. When a cisgender man can and does do something to help their partner through a circumstance they cannot experience themselves, the clouds part and the heavens sing and, well, great things happen (that we shouldn't be that surprised about because, you know, acting like a kind and sympathetic and supportive human being is usually a good call).

Having said that, there's so much important information you'll learn during an ultrasound, including but not limited to the size and growth of your baby, his or her heartbeat, the overall health of your baby, and the sex of your baby (if you so desire) and various other important details, that can make these relatively routine appointments, somewhat frightening. I suppose that, technically, I could have managed laying on the table on my own, but I was really glad to have my partner there, helping me absorb all that information and sorting through it, with me. Here are just a sampling of the many reasons that he (and partners everywhere) can make a difference in the ultrasound experience.

He Can Handle The Little Things

Sometimes it's holding a coat or a bag, or getting you a mint from your purse because the way you're laying is making you nauseous and you don't have anything with ginger in it, and at least a mint tastes better than your mouth currently does.

He Can Get You Water

Speaking of discomfort, perhaps some water could help, too? Or, depending on your procedure, you may have been instructed to drink a bunch already. Still, a grown-ass man is ready to help if the mood strikes.

He Can Locate The Restroom On Your Behalf

Any pregnant woman's partner knows that the stereotype about pregnant women peeing often is, well, anchored in a good amount of truth. That said, any awesome pregnant woman's partner is always ready to help her find where that can happen.

If You’re Anxious Or Excited, He Can Help Distract You

To be fair, grown-ass men can step up with this one (and technically many others from this list) at any point in the pregnancy. However, I especially recommend it for when there's any kind of medical examination happening.

He Can Ask Questions You’re Not Necessarily Thinking About But Definitely Want Answered

Are you distracted by the first images of your child? The fact that a person is living inside you? Considering cloth vs. disposable? Wondering when JT's next album comes out? Doesn't matter the reason, a grown-ass man will step up and clarify whatever needs clarifying.

He Can Support Any Decisions You’re Asked To Make

Do you want to know the sex of your baby? Do you want the technician to write it and seal it in an envelope? Whisper to one of you and not the other? Shout it from the rooftops? So many choices, so little time.

He Can Be Your Advocate If Or When You Get Uncomfortable

My partner was right by my side when I had to lay in a position that made me queasy. This is a pretty normal part of pregnancy, except in this case, someone was taking pictures of my baby so I couldn't move from the table for like, three years. I'm glad he was there to help.

He Can Share In Your Excitement (Or Any Other Feelings You Might Have)

It's one thing to see your future child on the monitor yourself. It's another thing to see your partner see your future child on the monitor, while standing at your side, cheering with you.

He Can Hang Onto The Images So You Don’t Have To

Wait, I'm sorry, I'm being asked to keep track of these important photos? That's probably not a good idea. I don't even know if these maternity pants even have pockets.

He Can Keep Keep You Company, And Keep A Conversation Going When You Have To Wait

Speaking of when you're stuck in one place, a grown-ass man probably won't be staring at his phone while he sits with you. Sure, he'll probably glance a few times, but his main focus will be what's happening around the two of you.

He Can Hold Your Hand

If holding hands is your thing, of course. Personally, it's one of my favorite ways to receive affection while I'm on an exam table.