12 Moms Reveal When They Were Done Having Kids

Knowing you're finished growing your family can be a difficult. I'm usually stuck between thinking our family is complete with one child and desperately wanting another. It doesn't help that time isn't on my side and, as much as I enjoyed my kid-free years, I often wonder if I should have started my family sooner. In the end, I wish I had the confidence of the following women, who shared the moment they realized they were done having kids. They're not second guessing their decisions and know, for sure, that another child is not on the horizon. That kind of self-assurance is, well, awesome.

There is no doubt that children are hard work and being a parent is the most demanding job out there, whether you consider it a job or not. However, plenty of moms I have talked to with two (or more) kids, claim that once you get used to being a parent, the number of kids you have doesn't make much of a difference. These particular mothers even suggest that having more than one is easier than just having one child, because the children can play with each other and keep themselves entertained.

I am not too sure if that is true (or, at the very least, true for everyone), which is one of the reasons I am still on the fence as to whether or not I want another baby. These moms have no regrets as they share the moment they knew they were done having kids, though, which gives me some hope. When I know, I will just know.


"When my doctor advised against it after I suffered a prolapsed womb. For me, it's not worth the stress on my health."


"My husband died. I don't want any other children with another man. It would feel like a betrayal."


"We went on a family vacation recently and when I looked at the photos, I knew that our family was complete."


"I would like a fourth child but my husband said, 'No.' The more I thought about it the more it made sense, financially and practically."


"We just bought a new house, everyone has their own room and I don't want to move again. So, that's that."


"My youngest is now potty trained and I know I can't go back to diapers. Throwing out the diaper pail was so freeing."


"My baby carseat expired so we sat down and discussed what we were going to do. When we decided no more babies, I felt relieved."


"We were trying for another baby but we had three miscarriages. That's enough for me. No more."


"My career took off, I was promoted to a coveted position, and I just thought I don't want to go back."


"My son weaned from breastfeeding and I went out and bought a bunch of new sexy bras. It made me realize I was done with this part of my life."


"My child has complex medical needs, so there just isn't enough time or energy for another baby."


"My partner is working abroad, so we won't see him for a year and by then I will over 40. Our family is finished growing."