15 Moms Share The Moment They Fell In Love With Breastfeeding

Moms choosing (and able) to breastfeed know all about how rewarding the experience can be. While there can be plenty of hiccups — undersupply, oversupply, problems with latching, infections, and being touched out — many nursing moms still do what they can to breastfeed as long as possible. They do it for their babies and, well, they do it because those bonding moments are unique and life-changing. So when I asked moms to reveal the moment they fell in love with breastfeeding, I wasn't at all surprised to hear some of the most heartwarming, tear-jerking, precious stories I've ever heard. Motherhood, you guys. When it isn't making you question every decision you have ever made, it's emotionally terrorizing you with special moments that shake your soul.

Because my son was in the NICU from the minute he was born, it took a while for the two of us to finally get started with breastfeeding. Eventually, though, I was allowed to attempt to nurse when my son was a week old, and I still remember that first session like it was yesterday. I remember sitting down on a chair as the nurse brought my newborn over to my arms. It felt surreal and not entirely natural at first, I admit, and probably because I was terrified of dropping or harming him in some way. After all, since he was in the NICU he had so many monitors connected to him. Once he finally latched, though, everything else faded away. I felt so connected to him and it was the most magical moment I had ever experienced.

My only regret is that I eventually had to stop breastfeeding after four months, because the stress was wearing me down to the bone. I was barely producing enough breast milk to sustain my son, so I would pump or feed him every 2-3 hours and, as a result, I could barely function. So, that's how my breastfeeding journey ended, but that definitely doesn't mean I didn't experience moments when nursing was nothing but a physical representation of the bond my son and I intrinsically shared. So, with that in mind, here are the moments other moms realized they were falling in love with breastfeeding, one session at a time:

Alejandra, 32

“I fell in love with breastfeeding after the six week mark. It was just a great bonding time with both babies and hopefully it'll be the same with the third one.”

Marissa, 39

“My son was premature and spent time in the NICU. It was hard having him there. When he was 3 days old, he was feeding and he looked up at me and squeezed my finger as he fed. Making eye contact while he was feeding was amazing in an environment that is not conducive to bonding. He continued to love looking at me and holding my fingers [while he breastfed] for the next 20 months.”

Virginia, 50

“I breast ed all three of my kids until they were almost 3 years old. I loved the bonding from the moment they were born. It's pure magic when their sweet little faces would look up at me.”

Emily, 38

“I mostly just love getting to lay down for a little while extra and the snuggles.”

Kristen, 31

“There were different stages of love. The first was shortly after I had [my son] and was suffering with postpartum depression (PPD). The second was after I'd 'healed' from PPD and could enjoy the nursing relationship. And, finally, the third was when I was tandem nursing.”

Christy, 40

“The first time was a struggle. I had blisters and mastitis and it was extremely painful at times. I pushed through and I think it wasn't until around four months that it wasn’t painful. That said, I loved seeing [my son's] little face watching me and holding my pinky from day one. With my second, she was trying to nurse as they sewed me up from my c-section! That girl was an epic nurser and we had an instant bond over that.”

Reaca, 36

I hated breastfeeding the first time around. So with my second, I had low expectations — which is one of the reasons I think I ended up loving it. I fell in love the moment he came out and rooted around for my breast. He latched immediately on his own, with a cleft lip and everything. I actually cried with gratitude, and loved almost every moment of breastfeeding for 18 whole months!”

Sarah, 34

“First time my daughter fell into her milk coma. Little drop on her chin and one of her first sleepy smiles. I was hooked.”

Jamie, 35

“I loved it right away and until my son started nursing every 20 minutes (literally) for about three days. But once he cut that out, I loved it again.”

Jilian, 35

“I am one week into my breastfeeding journey with our third child. It was such a short-lived struggle the first two times, so the very first time my third [child] latched on, I knew this was finally the time it would be enjoyable and amazing. It was instant. Even with the cluster feeds all night long, I feel so blessed it is actually working.”

Rachel, 42

“My son spent his first night in the NICU, but I was allowed to breastfeed him immediately and the nurse was hovering anxiously going, ‘I always tell moms that sometimes it takes a bit for babies to get the hang of it.’ And just as the words came out of her mouth, [my son] lunged at my nipple and latched on like Jaws. She was like, ‘I guess he's got the hang of it,' and walked away! I was so grateful. It told me he was OK and would be OK, and sure enough, we never had a moment's trouble breastfeeding for the next 19 months.”

Holly, 23

“Once I hit about six weeks with [my son], I loved it. For the first five weeks I was so worried I would fail like I did with [my daughter] I only breastfed her for five weeks. So when we hit six weeks, I felt like I could keep doing it and I loved that I could feed him this way.”

Tracy, 41

“My son and I had a bit of a rough start. Breastfeeding just a little challenging, but I was determined. My milk took almost five days to come in, but that first time he nursed after, and the crazy gulping with his little hand resting on my breast, I just melted. I exclusively breastfed three babies, all until they were over the age of 1. It still remains one of the things I've done in my life I'm most proud of.”

Eva, 32

“I feel in love with breastfeeding when we finally overcame all the painful challenges we went through. That was at around four months.”

Alicia, 35

“I always loved how convenient it was (milk at the right temperature and on demand!) and my son has been such a road warrior, so he'll eat anywhere. But I really fell in love with breastfeeding when I went back to work. Coming home and feeding that kid really helps me stay connected with him, as well as grounded. It's like the volume on the rest of the world goes way down.”