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These Adorable Prince George Halloween Costumes Are Fit For A Future King

Prince George is the most important toddler in my life. His public appearances make my day, and I definitely got emotional looking at his first day of school pictures. Sigh, they grow up so fast. I imagine this will change when I have kids of my own, but for now, the heir to the British crown gets all my maternal energy. I do know that if I had a child under the age of 5 I would have been Googling Prince George Halloween costumes nonstop for the past month. How could I pass up the opportunity to pretend my child was going to be the monarch of the British Commonwealth? (Cause it's not going to happen for real unless my dreams of William and Kate deciding they need to adopt a 23-year-old adult finally come true.)

Sure, my theoretical toddler could be a firefighter or a superhero, but they could also be the most powerful 5-year-old child in the world, as reported by Ten Insider. Plus, George is a fashion icon who manages to look precious every time he steps out in public, so any kid would look amazing for their big Halloween night out if they took a cue from him. I mean, George wore pants for the first time in public this year, and people flipped. Every toddler should get to experience that kind of fame at least one day out of the year, right?

So if you're a royal family fan or just a parent who thinks your child would make an adorable king-to-be, read on for eight Prince George Halloween costumes. You can bet your you-know-what I'll be filing all of these options away for when I do have kids someday.

(And you can click here for more royal family costumes, if you really want to keep your options open.)


For When Your Kid Is Feeling Formal

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Bristol Novelty Soldier Ceremonial Costume, $20, Amazon

Behold, the pants that stunned the world. As I mentioned, George wore long pants for the first time in public at his Uncle Harry's wedding in May, and the internet was shook. The miniature version of the Blues and Royals frockcoat immediately became one of his most recognizable looks to date, so this soldier costume from Amazon is a great option for a George costume.


For A Warm Halloween

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Chaps Gingham Button-Down Shirt, $34, Kohl's

French Toast Flat-Front Shorts, $14, Kohl's

Carter's Faux-Leather Black Belt, $12, Kohl's

Ahh, the look that inspired memes all around the world. Prince George rocked this button down and shorts on the Royal Tour with his mom, dad, and sister in the summer of 2017, and he accidentally became an internet sensation when he looked like the happiest person alive while checking out the inside of a helicopter. You can purchase all the necessary items for this costume at Kohl's, and the pieces are definitely re-wearable. Wins all around.


For When Your Kid Wants To Upstage Everyone Else

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Easter Button-On Boy's Outfit, $30, Etsy

I thought I was George's number one fan, but I think whoever made this replica of his outfit from Prince Louis's christening has me beat. Imagine how cute your kiddo would look with that collar.


For The Kid Who Loves Suspenders

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White and Burgundy Set, $36, Etsy

George seemed pretty stressed out at the Trooping the Colour ceremony his family hosted a few months back, but he also singlehandedly brought suspenders back into fashion just by showing up. This replica is too cute not to buy.


For A Chilly Halloween

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QJH Toddler Dress Coat, $23, Amazon

Jefferies Seamless Crew Socks, $6, Amazon

Traditional Peppermint Candy Canes, $3, Just Candy

Amazon, Just Candy

If you live somewhere that will be chilly on the spookiest day of the year, dress your toddler in a costume like George's look from a Christmas ceremony the royal family attended last year, as reported by ABC News. You'll love that they're warm, and they'll love that they get to eat candy as part of their costume.


For A Pretend Wedding

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Dress Shirt & Short Pants, $40, Etsy

George was an amazing pageboy at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's, wedding in May, but that's probably because he got to practice his skills at his Aunt Pippa's wedding in 2017. Your little one will be unmistakable as the future king in this recreation of George's outfit from Pippa's big day.


For A Snowy Halloween

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iXtreme Boys Snowsuit, $30, Walmart

Refaxi Red Ski Beanie Cap, $6, Amazon

Walmart, Amazon

If your family is going skiing sometime in the near future, I have amazing news for your wallet. You can double your toddler's snow suit as a Prince George Halloween costume, thanks to the ski trip the royal family took in 2016, as reported by Travel + Leisure. Think of me when you use that extra cash for a spiked hot chocolate on the slopes.


For The Kid Already Thinking Of Christmas

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Bonnie Jean Boys Reindeer Sweater, $29, Amazon

If you want to knit an exact replica of the too cute for words vest George wore in his Christmas portraits in 2014, you can buy the knitting pattern on Etsy. But if you're like me and weren't born with the gift of crafting, this look-alike will do the trick. Plus, your little guy (or gal!) can re-wear it for Christmas, assuming he hasn't outgrown it two months from now.