9 Texts Every New Mom Sends When She Meets Her OB-GYN For The First Time

In those early weeks of pregnancy, everything can feel new and scary and intense. As if expecting moms don’t have enough on their mind in between (or perhaps during) the nausea, the fatigue and the hormone swings many of us are required to find new medical providers, too. Medical care, especially medical care during pregnancy, can be complicated, which is why it’s no surprise that a pregnant woman meeting her OB for the first time will undoubtably experience a whole spectrum of emotions. So, if we were to capture text messages from this new mom meeting her OB, they’d at minimum hint at the emotional roller coaster that’s taking place behind that closed exam room door, and probably give you some much-needed insight as to exactly how it feels to be pregnant and looking for someone to, in the end, help bring your baby into the world.

Granted, I guess if you twist my arm, I can admit that yes, of course, having medical care is awesome and I’m lucky to not only live in a country with access to modern medicine, but be able to take advantage of it. In other words, none of this is meant to sound like a complaint. There are so many women who can't find the healthcare coverage they need, or the prenatal care they need and deserve, and that's just one of the many ways this country fails pregnant women on a daily, heartbreaking basis.

However, it’s simply a reality that there are ups and downs to the process, including but not limited to; the stirrups, the poking and prodding, and those horrible hospital gowns. Here’s a few other things that might stand out to other expecting moms, presented for your viewing pleasure as text messages because, after all, this is the year 2016.

While You're Hanging Out In The Waiting Room

OK, yes, I understand why they tell patients to get there early. However, has any doctor every been ready early? The time we spend waiting and playing on our phones could easily have been spent waiting and playing on our phones in the comfort of the car or our own homes.

While You're Hanging Out In The Exam Room

It's one step closer, true. Still, since it involves sitting alone in a quiet room, I'm much more likely to have some deep and important thoughts there and, when I'm pregnant, I'm just not about those deep and important thoughts.

While You're STILL Hanging Out In The Exam Room

And of course, those thoughts are always interrupted by shivers and goosebumps. Doctors, please, turn off the AC in November.

After An Assistant Came To Chat With You

Progress is being made. I repeat, progress is being made.

After Your First Conversation...

As monumental as pregnancy felt to me, it was sometimes startling to be around professionals who were totally used to it (doctors, nurses, birthing class instructors, baby store employees). They were a sharp, welcome contrast to my constant state of distraction.

...When You're Processing The Entire Encounter

And, if you really think about it, this is a good thing. I mean, to see a doctor who was as overwhelmed by my pregnancy as I was would have been slightly disconcerting and easily would have made me feel more nervous than I already felt. I'm not about that life, you guys.

When You Pause To Listen To Your Gut

For the record, happiness for their patients is most definitely not the mark of whether or not a doctor is good. But is there anyone who doesn't like the warm fuzzies that come from feeling supported? If so, please show yourself.

When You Get Straight To The Point

Yes, I know that the official rule is that there are no stupid questions, as that's what our kindergarten teachers all told us and that's what has remained true well into our adult days. However, I can admit now admit that I had some, um, silly questions. Thankfully, my doctor was patient and thorough and I very much appreciated it.

And The Number One Most Important Part Finally Comes Out

Now we can all go home and rest easy.

Until the next appointment.