9 Things You Can Finally Do Now That Your Kid's Back In School

You guys, it's finally here: our children are back in school. And while I know some of you are emotional right now, the rest of you are quietly holding in the desire to celebrate the moment you complete school drop-off. When you've survived three months of non-stop kid time, I'd say even those of you who are sad can just imagine all the things you’ll have more time for now that your kids are back in school. I mean, really think about it, you guys. Oh, what's that? Your tears are drying? You don't feel so morose? You're ready to do some probably embarrassing, celebratory dance? Weird.

See, having your kids are home all day can be great... for a time. Loving on them, getting to know them better, having them help you around the house., and taking impromptu day trips is all good fun. But kids require a ridiculous amount of time and energy, and, for some of us, it can take a toll. Look: we're human beings, not robots. Parenthood requires a level of selflessness that is unsustainable if you don't find ways to "fill the well," take a break, and do something for yourself.

I love my son, of course, but whenever he’s home for more than two days I’m about ready to run for the hills. For a little while, at least. I need that break, and a moment to reset my brain. So having him go to school isn’t just good for him, it’s great for me, too. If you’re in a similar boat and wondering what on earth you're going to do with all this newfound free(ish) time, check out my ideas below. Some of them are more responsible than others, but you’ll definitely find some that simply exist to make your life a little bit better.

You Can Clean All The Things

Seriously, when do you ever have time to give your home a thorough cleaning when the kids are around? They vie for your attention constantly, making it difficult if not damn-near impossible to get anything done. But when the kids are gone? Turn that music up to 11 and bust out the mop, girl.

You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows

Who wants to scrub toilets on the first day of freedom? Y’all are catching up on Insecure or Big Little Lies, right? Well, I am. You could always just have the TV on while you clean, if you really feel guilty about taking a well-deserved break.

You Can Make Kick-Ass Meals

When I finally have time to clean my home and get my work done, I finally jump into the kitchen to cook. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s great. And by great, I mean I enjoy it and everyone pretends to enjoy what I made cause I lack that Barefoot Contessa gene, for real.

You Can Sit In Absolute Silence

So many things you can do with silence. Sleep! Meditate! Sleep some more!

You Can Do Sexy Things

I’m not just talking about sex, although sexting your partner for an impromptu booty call isn’t a bad way to go. If you’re flying solo, though, how about dusting off some of those much-beloved toys? Or maybe just taking a few sexy selfies (for yourself or your significant other)? Get on with your bad self.

You Can Take Up New Hobbies

Hobbies I am currently meaning to take up again include the following: knitting, painting, ceramics, and belly dance. I mean, why shouldn't I start learning something new when my kid is learning new things, too?

You Can Work

Whether you work from home or elsewhere, you’ll have at least a little extra time for whatever pays the bills. This could be a good thing. You can also pick up extra work if you’d been waiting for the time.

You Can Figure Out What You Want To Do When You Grow Up

As a parent, it’s hard to really give yourself the luxury of dreaming about your future when you need to make sure there’s a roof over your family's heads and dinner on the table. Still, we should all take a moment to think beyond our children's needs. Those thoughts, however unrealistic at the moment, can serve as inspiration. Maybe you’ve been stuck in a career you hate or just can’t seem to get ahead at your current gig, or you’re contemplating a return to the workforce. It's much easier to think clearly when you don't have a kid all up in your business.

You Can Treat Yo’ Self

When was the last time you treated yourself in a way that made you feel ridiculously pampered? If you’re a mom, I'm going to go ahead and assume it’s been a while. Give yourself at least one hour a week, while your kids are at school, to do anything that makes you feel extra good. Hit the salon. Take a nice long bath. Give yourself a damn foot rub. Whatever you decide,just know you deserve it.

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