A Comprehensive Guide To All Of The Duggars Born In The Past Decade — You're Welcome

Between Jessa giving birth to her daughter Ivy and Lauren and Josiah welcoming their own baby girl, the Duggar family experienced quite the baby boom in 2019. But that number sounds minute when you compare it to how many Duggars have been born in the last decade. With 2020 around the corner, now seems as good a time as any to look back at just how many Duggar have joined TLC's ever-expanding brood.

There have been a total of 18 Duggar kids, grandchildren, and cousins born between 2009 and 2019, which is almost as many kids that make up the immediate Duggar family that rose to fame on 19 Kids & Counting and then Counting On.

This past year brought a lot more babies into the family; in fact, five Duggars were pregnant at the same time earlier this year. And during a recent episode of Counting On, family matriarch Michelle Duggar predicted more babies are on the way. "It's a good start, but the more children that are married, I wouldn't be surprised if there could be like, 12 grand babies in one year," Michelle said. "This is only just the beginning."

There's already one baby set to make her debut in 2020 as Abbie and John-David's first child is due in January. With the new year and a new decade just days away, it'll be fascinating to see how this family grows. Until then, though, let's have a look back at how many Duggar kids have been born over the past 10 years.


Mackynzie Reneé Duggar (2009)

Josh Duggar, the oldest Duggar child, and his wife Anna welcomed the family's first grandchild, Mackynzie Reneé, on Oct. 9, 2009.


Josie Brooklyn Duggar (2009)

Josie, the youngest and final Duggar child born to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, was born on Dec. 10, 2009. Josie is two months younger than her niece, Mackynzie, and celebrated her 10th birthday this year. "Josie is full of laughter and spunk, and keeps us young!" Michelle wrote about her daughter on Instagram.


Michael James Duggar (2011)

Josh and Anna's second child and first son, Michael James Duggar, was born on June 15, 2011, just two years after his older sister, Mackynzie.


Marcus Anthony Duggar (2013)

Josh and Anna's third child wasn't too far behind. Marcus Anthony Duggar was born on June 2, 2013, almost exactly two years after his older sister.


Israel David Dillard (2015)

Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard's oldest son, Israel David Dillard, was born on April 6, 2015. According to People, Jill was in labor for a total of 70 hours with him.


Meredith Grace Duggar (2015)

Josh and Anna welcomed their fourth child, a daughter named Meredith Grace, on July 16, 2015.


Spurgeon Elliot Seewald (2015)

Jessa Duggar and husband, Ben Seewald, welcomed their first child, Spurgeon, on Nov. 5, 2015. Spurgeon is now 4 years old and Jessa has described him as "fun and engaging."

"He loves being Mommy's big helper, lending a hand whenever he can," Jessa wrote on Instagram. "He's a good big brother."


Henry Wilberforce Seewald (2017)

Spurgeon became a big brother on Feb. 6, 2017 when Jessa gave birth to her second child, Henry Willberforce Seewald.


Samuel Scott Dillard (2017)

Jill gave birth to her second child and youngest son, Samuel Scott Dillard, on July 8, 2017.


Mason Garrett Duggar (2017)

Anna and Josh welcomed their fourth child and youngest son, Mason Garrett Duggar, on Sept. 12, 2017.


Gideon Martyn Forsyth (2018)

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, welcomed their first child together, a son named Gideon Martyn Forsyth, on Feb. 23, 2018.


Garrett David Duggar (2018)

Joseph Duggar and wife Kendra welcomed their first child together on June 8, 2018.


Felicity Nicole Vuolo (2018)

Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo broke the streak of boy Duggar babies when they welcomed their daughter, Felicity Nicole Vuolo, on July 19, 2018.


Ivy Jane Seewald (2019)

Jinger's older sister, Jessa, gave birth to her third child and first daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, on May 26, 2019.


Daxton Ryan King (2019)

The Duggars' cousin (who frequently appeared on 19 Kids & Counting), Amy Duggar King, gave birth to a Duggar baby of her own in 2019. Amy and her husband, Dillon King, welcomed their first child, a son named Daxton Ryan King, on Oct. 9, 2019.


Addison Renee Duggar (2019)

Joseph and Kendra brought their second child into the world a little more than one year after their first. Kendra gave birth to their daughter, Addison Renee Duggar, on Nov. 2, 2019.


Bella Milagro Duggar (2019)

After suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2018, Josiah Duggar and wife Lauren welcomed their rainbow baby, daughter, Bella Milagro Duggar, on Nov. 11, 2019.


Maryella Hope Duggar (2019)

To round out the decade, Anna Duggar gave birth to her sixth child — a daughter named Maryella Hope Duggar — on Nov. 27, 2019.

Only time will tell if the next decade will be just as bountiful for the Duggar family. But as Michelle Duggar predicted, this only the beginning.