Meghan Markle coyly revealed her nickname for Prince Harry during a recent interview.
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Meghan Markle Coyly Revealed Her Sweet Nickname For Prince Harry — VIDEO

Every once in a while, the royal family gives the world a peek inside their personal lives. Most recently, Meghan Markle coyly revealed her nickname for Prince Harry and it's as sweet and down-to-earth as you probably imagined. The Duchess of Sussex shared the fun fact about her husband when she recently chatted with ITV News reporter Tom Bradby for the couple's upcoming documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey.

Earlier this month, Markle and Prince Harry, along with their 5-month-old son Archie, wrapped a 10-day royal tour in Southern Africa. And while they were there, the couple took part in a rare documentary about the trip and discussed several topics, such as the pressure of negative media coverage while Markle was pregnant and how it's impacted Prince Harry.

But in between the deep and emotional moments of the couple's interview with Bradby, Markle quickly revealed, with a smile of her face followed by a giggle, her sweet nickname for her other half. "You know, I’ve said for a long time to H, that’s what I call him, it’s not enough to just survive something, right? That's not the point of life," the Duchess of Sussex replied when Bradby asked how she's able to put up with the pressures of being in the royal family and the barrage of media scrutiny.

Markle went on to explain to Bradby that she "really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip," but it's also taken a toll on her as well. "I tried, I really tried, but I think that what that does internally is really damaging," Markle said, "and the biggest thing that I know it that I never thought that this would be easy."

Between the criticism she faced for keeping the birth of her son private and a tabloid publishing a private letter she wrote to her father, Markle's short time in the royal family has certainly not been easy. Fortnately, though, he's fortunately had "H" by her side, supporting and defending her, the entire time.

Prince Harry also has a sweet nickname for his wife, of course. Back in April 2018, just before they tied the knot, Prince Harry can be heard on video trying to get Markle's attention by calling her "Meg," as Hello! Magazine reported at the time.

"H" isn't Markle's only nickname for Prince Harry. As The Cut reported, in August 2018, when the couple attended a charity performance of the musical Hamilton, Markle was overheard saying to Prince Harry, "Can you see my love?"

And don't worry — Archie, who Markle has called an "old soul," also already has an adorable nickname. While they were in Africa, before they met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, according to Harper's Bazaar, Prince Harry sweetly told his son, "You’re going to meet Arch, Arch!" And Markle's nickname for her baby boy? Bubba, as TODAY reported.

Between "H", "my love," and "Meg," Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship really seems like it's just as normal, sweet, and romantic as they appear to be. In fact, the day they got engaged, the two were just at home, roasting a chicken. And their cute names Archie just confirm that even further.