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Prince William Will Make You Say "Aww!" With His Latest Update About Prince Louis

It's hard to believe that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's youngest son, Prince Louis, is already 8 months old. But just in case you needed a reminder that time flies way too quickly, his dad has just gone and reminded us all. That's because Prince William's latest update about Prince Louis is that the youngster is already teething, according to Hello! Magazine, and given that his first birthday isn't far off, that is likely only the latest in a slew of milestones the royal family's newest prince is surpassing with ease.

On Wednesday, the Duke of Cambridge arrived solo for an engagement London's Air Ambulance Charity, a cause which must have felt pretty important to him, given that he himself is a former air ambulance pilot, according to the Daily Mail. While meeting and greeting visitors, many naturally inquired about the whereabouts of his wife, Kate Middleton, particularly because it also happened to be the Duchess of Cambridge's 37th birthday.

As a result, the prince was plied with cards and gifts for his wife from well-wishers, but it's clear Prince William felt his kids would also get a big kick of out of the items. When one royal fan passed along a colorful handmade card for the duchess, according Hello! Magazine, the prince responded by saying, "Charlotte's going to love this," while a gifted helicopter toy prompted him to reveal that "Louis will be chewing that before long!"

As much as Prince Louis' April 23rd birth was a headline-making event the world over, the public has only had a chance to see the young boy a handful of times since then. After making his debut on the steps of the Lindo Wing with his mom and dad, Prince Louis has mostly remained under the radar, appearing in front of cameras for his christening in July, according to The Telegraph, and adorably popping up in family photographs a few times, including in the Cambridges' most recent offering, their 2018 family Christmas card.

Not only did the tot look unbelievably cute in the pic, it also helped to show just how much bigger he'd gotten — and how his seemingly sunny disposition had only become more pronounced. Though his older brother may be the future king, and his older sister the sassiest little princess there ever was, Prince Louis seems to be loving life as the duke and duchess' third-born, and it'll just be even more exciting to watch him as he grows.

Of course, as much as it may feel like Prince Louis just arrived, the reality is that the young boy already has a younger cousin, with another on the way. In October, Duchess Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, gave birth to her first child, a son named Arthur, and that same month, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they, too, were expecting, and that their first child would be born in the spring.

In other words, while we may not see him often, Prince Louis is already preparing to leave his infancy behind him, and it likely won't be long until he's running around chasing his big brother and sister. For now, that's all happening behind closed doors at the family's Kensington Palace home, but in time, we'll also be seeing him show off his very-regal waves and bows, and eventually, photos from his first day of nursery school, just as we did with Prince George and Princess Charlotte before him.

For now though, it sounds like the young prince will have something much more immediate to attend to: celebrating his mother's birthday. While Prince William didn't give away any hints about how he planned to spoil his wife on her big day, it's probably pretty safe to assume he has something wonderful in store. And for Prince Louis, at least, it sounds like no matter what happens, there will at least be one very cute, helicopter-themed, chew toy in his future.

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