This Unicorn Phone Charger Is The Magical, Practical Item You Need In Your Life

If you weren't aware, unicorns are having a capital M moment. From sprinklers to humidifiers to tea pots, the mystical, magical creatures are popping up all over the place. But while they're cute, they don't always seem super practical. (I know, that's not the point, but hear me out.) Sometimes you just don't have room for a unicorn pool float after the great 2017 Pizza Float Mayhem. But now, you have a totally good, practical excuse to get some magic in your life because there is a unicorn phone charger out there and it's perfect.

If you tell me you don't need another phone charger in your life, I won't believe you. There are two in my house and my husband and I still argue over whose is whose and will ask to borrow each other's upstairs rather than walk the 10 steps down to the kitchen to retrieve another one. If it's not just a block stuck in the outlet, it's finding the cord still in one of our laptops, and it's the most frustrating thing ever when you need to charge your phone. Enter this beautiful unicorn charger, which not only fixes your phone battery needs, but it's also a battery power bank so you can take it with you on the go. (Omg, you now have a pet unicorn.)


See? Pure magic. Not only is a unicorn magical on its own, but the fact that you can drop it in your bag and charge your phone on the go is pretty mystical itself. This power bank has a 2000mAh batter, along with an LED indicator to show how long your device needs to be charged. The charger also comes with a mini USB cord, and the truly best part? It's only $19 and you can order it through Amazon. (MAGIC.)

Don't let the fact that "you don't need another phone charger" stop you from falling in love with this little cutie. There's something to be said for cute office supplies and things that just make you feel happy inside. While buying things in general doesn't always mean your happiness increases, having something you love in your pocket or a cute item to make your day a little easier can definitely help. Besides, if you're anything like half the population, it probably makes you a little panicky to see that red bar in your battery notification, so you might as well get a battery pack so you can feel happy, relaxed, and charged up. (And then hide it because everyone will be asking you if they can "borrow your charger for a minute").

If you're looking for more unicorn-themed items so you can live the Lisa Frank dream you've always wanted, there's plenty out there. You can fill your bathroom with unicorn toilet paper, you can buy unicorn ice cream, you can use a unicorn humidifier to help with your congestion and sinus infections, you can hook up a 7-foot tall unicorn sprinkler in the backyard, you can brew your favorite hot beverage with a unicorn teapot, and you can end the day feasting on a unicorn cake. Magical, right? But of course the best part is that you can document this entire day on Instagram because your phone is never going to die thanks to that unicorn phone charger. Praise the magic that is a unicorn and a fully charged battery.

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