Baby Showers

These Halloween-Themed Baby Shower Ideas Are Totally Bewitching

Celebrate mummy and her little boo.

By and large, most baby showers are sweet affairs filled with pastel colors and cutesy games. Not all parents are traditional though, and the idea of a Halloween-themed baby shower is far more appealing than what most of us are used to. While it’s definitely a unique theme, it’s also an event most people would love to attend. If you are the lucky one who is hosting this hauntingly fun baby shower, here are some fun ideas to help with your planning.

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Halloween Baby Shower Invites

First and foremost, you have to get the word out about your Halloween-themed baby shower with some spook-worthy invitations. The invite is going to set the tone for the party, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping. Do you want something super dark and eerie or are you going for more of a lighthearted, cartoon Halloween vibe? Shop around to see what sticks out to you, and if you’re shopping somewhere like Etsy, don’t be afraid to reach out to shop owners to see if they’d be willing to customize one of their templates for you.

Halloween-Themed Baby Shower Decor

Finding decor is going to be probably the easiest task for you, because people are always throwing Halloween parties, so there is plenty to go around. A quick Google or Etsy search will present you with a bunch of spooky baby shower-specific decor, too (though, not nearly as many results) so consider mixing them together to really get the house decked out. Pro tip: if you hang up some “My First Halloween” bibs and onesies as decor, they will also double as gifts.

Games & Activities For Halloween-Themed Baby Showers

It’s not a baby shower without some cheesy games, right? There are tons of game cards you can buy that are customizable and feature some very cute (or scary) Halloween details. Or, have your guests play the classic baby shower games, but put a Halloween twist on them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Instead of babies in ice cubes, use little bats, ghosts, or spiders
  • Change the taboo word from baby to pumpkin
  • Hang up pictures of the parents-to-be in Halloween costumes over the years and have guests guess their age
  • Have guests come up with as many baby characters from horror movies as they can before the timer goes off
  • Rather than passing around a diaper bag with baby items for guests to blindly feel and identify, put different types of candy in a pumpkin trick-or-treat pail (just make sure the candy is uniquely shaped so that the game isn’t impossible)

Food & Treats For Halloween Baby Showers

For the parents-to-be, the best part of a baby shower is the presents, but for guests, the snacks and drinks are what it’s all about. Look for some cute Halloween-themed plates, napkins, straws, and serving dishes to really play up the theme. Then, of course, you absolutely need to get a fun cake or cupcake toppers for a little extra Halloween flair. If you want to go a step further, whip up some fun Halloween-themed foods like mummy dogs, spooky dip, or jack-o-lantern cheese and crackers.

Halloween-Themed Favors For Baby Showers

Finally, don’t forget to thank your guests for such a howling good time. A good baby shower favor is anything from a sweet treat, to a little self-care luxury, to something more indulgent. Since the shower is Halloween-themed, opt for something that plays into it somehow. If you’re really having trouble figuring out the perfect shower favor for your guests, a little bag of Halloween candy always works (and is definitely on-theme).

Throwing a Halloween-themed baby shower is something not many are tasked with, and there is so much room for creativity. So, dust off your cloak, put on your witch's hat, and head out to do some seriously spooky party planning.