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25 Baby Names Inspired By Hockey For Your Future Sharpshooter

Great names for your future Great One...

Sometimes, an interest transcends mere hobby: it becomes an obsession, and little is more prone to that sort of fanatical devotion than sports. For some it’s football. For others baseball. For you? It’s hockey. You love the sounds of skates on ice, stick on puck, and fist on face. You've already Googled "youngest you can start your kid in hockey" and purchased a onesie with your team logo on it. So it makes sense you might be considering hockey baby names for your little miracle (on ice).

Hockey-inspired baby names might not be the most common folks consider when choosing, but it can make for a unique baby name. Whether you want to go with a name from your favorite player (most of the names we have on here come from the sport’s most illustrious champions) or a general hockey-wintry vibe, you have lots of options, from classic to more unusual for your future sharpshooter. Full disclosure: we cannot guarantee that giving your baby a hockey name is going to ensure that they'll actually pick up a stick and hit the ice. But also, it can't hurt, right?

Here are some of our favorite hockey-inspired baby names to get you started.



English; “ mischievous spirit.” | Old Irish “goblin, demon”

Look, is Puck an extremely on-the-nose hockey-inspired baby name? Certainly. But it’s also kind of a rad name. While the etymology of “puck” as in “hockey puck” is only about 130 years old, “puck” meaning an impish, supernatural being goes back to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and, before that, Irish folklore.



German; “ice battle”

Isolde is a figure of Arthurian legend, and while she may be remembered for her fiery love of Sir Tristan, her name actually has a meaning super well suited to hockey.



English; “wagon driver, craftsman”

It would be frankly irresponsible not to suggest naming your child after Wayne Gretzky (aka The Great One) on a list of hockey baby names.



Greek; “the one who shines and excels over men”

In addition to playing in the NWHL for a decade, Cassie Campbell-Pascall has earned three Olympic medals (two gold, one silver) and seven International Ice Hockey Federation World Women’s Championships (six gold, one silver). Her name also has the perfect meaning for any woman who goes into a male-dominated field.



Scottish; “spacious fort”

Gordon “Gordie” Howe is a legend in hockey, playing a staggering 26 seasons in the NHL from 1946 to 1980. By the time he retired, “Mr. Hockey” had scored 801 goals, 1,049 assists, and 1,850 total points.



It’s a little bit tangential, but Winter is a unique, gender neutral name that can give your little one a hockey vibe without being an overt homage to the sport. It’s a great compromise name for when one parent wants a hockey baby name and the other isn’t quite convinced.




Italian; “of Mars”

Mario Lemiueux aka The Magnificent One aka Le Magnifique aka Super Mario (that last one is perfect) is considered one of hockey’s all-time greats, holding a number of NHL records. He played for, and is now an owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and is the only man to have his name on the Stanley Cup both as a player and owner. And that makes Mario a pretty great hockey baby name.



English; “hay meadow”

Hayley Wickenhesier was a member of Canada’s women's national ice hockey team from 1994 to 2017. She has five Olympic medals (four gold, one silver) and 13 World Championships (seven gold, six silver). She is tied with two of her teammates (more on them in a minute,) for most gold medals of any Canadian Olympian.



Old English; “wide water meadow”

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins has been a shining star in hockey since his rookie year, when he was selected first overall in the NHL draft. Since then, he’s earned that confidence, and was the youngest captain in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup. Sidney is also a great gender-neutral hockey baby name.



Latin; “acolyte”

Cammi Granato was one of the first women to be inducted into the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame and the first in the US Hockey Hall of Fame, and with good reason: she has two Olympic medals, nine for the World Women’s Championships, and seven for the 4 Nations Cup. The spelling of Cammi is also so unique and fun for your babe, and Cam as a nickname is the sweetest.



Latin; “warlike”

In an NHL career that lasted 25 years, Mark Messier is a six-time Stanley Cup champion who has been named an NHL All-Star 16 times. His nicknames include “The Moose” for his dominance and strength and “The Messiah,” for delivering a Stanley Cup victory for the Rangers after a decades-long losing streak... also, ya know, because his name sounds kind of like “Messiah.” It’s a pun, you see.



French; diminutive of Marie, whose meaning is uncertain, possibly “bitterness,” “sea,” “wished-for child,” or “rebellion” | Welsh; “beautiful queen”

Manon Rhéaume boasts a lot of firsts over the course of her hockey career, starting in pee-wee hockey, where she was the first girl to play in the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament. Most notably, perhaps, she was also the first woman to play in the NHL. Manon is such a great French baby name, and obviously is perfect for a hockey-inspired moniker.



German; “work” | Arabic; “hope” | Scottish; “water”

If you’re a fan of Tampa Bay Lightning, why not name your little one Amalie after the arena where they play? It’s also a truly sweet, unique name.



French; “guide” | Old German; “wood”

Guy LaFleur played in the NHL for 17 years, earning five Stanley Cup championships. He was also the first player in the league to score 50 goals in six consecutive seasons. The name Guy holds so much personality despite its one syllable.




English; “God is gracious”

Jayna Hefford, chairperson of the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association, has won five Olympic medals (four gold, one silver), and 12 at IIHF World Women's Championships (seven gold and five silver).



English; “stony meadow”

What better hockey name than one that represents true greatness: the coveted Stanley Cup. Stanley has definite old-man vibes and is very unique these days.



French; “God is gracious”

Jean Béliveau aka Le Gros Bill, who played 20 seasons in the NHL holds the record for most Stanley Cup championships of any individual — 10 as a player and 7 as an executive for a total of 17. Jean is a great gender-neutral hockey baby name, too.



Slavic; uncertain meaning, possibly “strong and reputable,” “peaceful,” or “sun and peace”

Jaromír Jágr is possibly the greatest European hockey player in the world. He certainly boasts and impressive record — with over 35 professional seasons and over 2,000 professional games under his belt, Jágr boasts one of the longest careers in the game... and one of the most iconic hairstyles.



French; “snow”

Do we have a lot of winter-inspired names like Neve on this list? Yes. It’s because they’re all good.



Old English; “deer”

The Hart Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the team MVP, as judged by Professional Hockey Writers' Association. Hart is also such a great gender-neutral name: we’re obsessed.




Latin; “sheep herder”

Technically, Ovi is a nickname for Alex Ovechkin, who is second only to Wayne Gretzky in terms of all-time goal scoring, but it makes for a really fun baby name.



French; the origin of Marie is uncertain, but it could be “bitterness,” “sea,” “wished-for child,” or “rebellion.” Philip means “horse-lover”

Marie-Philip Poulin aka Captain Clutch (so called for her tendency to score winning goals at the Olympics) is three-time Olympic and three-time World champion with the Canadian national team.



Scottish; “upland peninsula”

The Art Ross Trophy is given annually to the player who leads the NHL in scoring points at the end of the regular season. This baby name of Ross especially works if you’re a hockey fan and a Friends fan.



Irish; “noble, exaulted”

Brianna Decker is the first person to score a hat trick in NWHL history, and deserves to have all the hockey-loving babines named after her.



Irish via Latin; “nobleman”

Patrick Roy aka Saint Patrick aka King of Goaltenders is roundly considered the greatest goaltender of all time, popularizing the butterfly style favored by pretty much everyone who plays hockey today. In fact, his jersey number, 33, has been retired by both the Canadiens and Avalanche.

Whether you want a super specific hockey-inspired baby name like Puck or something a little more original like Ovi, there’s one on this list just right for you and your skating fam.