Jenny True

Jenny True is Jenny Pritchett, author of 'You Look Tired: An Excruciatingly Honest Guide to New Parenthood' (Running Press, May 2021), and the pregnancy and parenting advice columnist for Romper. She writes the popular blog "Jenny True: An Excruciatingly Personal Mommy Blog," which was a finalist for a 2019 Iris Award and has been picked up by Elle, The Longest Shortest Time podcast, and Scary Mommy. Jenny's short story collection, 'At or Near the Surface' (Fourteen Hills Press, 2008), won the Michael Rubin Book Award. She has published fiction in Boulevard, the Northwest Review, the Southwest Review, and Salt Hill and has written and reported for Guernica, Salon, and Bitch. Jenny has a B.A. from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and an M.F.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University. In a former life she was a fact-checker for Sunset and Dwell and an intern for Ms. and Mother Jones.

Jenny True

Dear Jenny

How Do We Tell Our Parents We're Pregnant Without Them Spiraling Into Covid Anxiety?

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Dear Jenny

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Hard Conversations

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Postpartum Fashion: An Oxymoron If Ever There Was One

We are indoctrinated to be ashamed of the changes in our body, so we cover them up, perpetuating the myth that pregnancy and childbirth are temporary situations.

Raising Kids

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Sibling Rivalry

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Pandemic Parenting

Dear Jenny: I Don't Want To Go Back To Our Old Way

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Dear Jenny

Should We Risk It & See The Friends Who've Been Everywhere?

Dear Jenny

How Should My White Child Draw Race?


I Want To Raise My Kids Differently Than I Was, But I Don’t Know What Kind Of Parent To Be


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