Risa Kerslake

Risa is a registered nurse turned freelance writer from the Midwest and mama to one little girl. She has too many coffee mugs, loves the thought of sleeping in, and actually makes the recipes she pins on Pinterest. She is the author of the website Risa Kerslake Writes and her favorite topics are parenting, infertility and what happens when the two collide. She loves connecting with other moms on her Facebook page, and is a big believer in it taking a village to raise a child. She has contributed articles to Mom.me, Momtastic, FertilitySmarts, Ravishly, and Romper, among others. You can read her writing at http://risakerslakewrites.com/
Recent Articles

The Word We Need To Banish From Talk About Motherhood

I feel guilty staying at home with our daughter while my husband and many of my friends work. I feel guilty quitting my stable well-paying job as a registered nurse (RN) to pursue writing part-time. I feel guilty getting to pick the days my daughter …
By Risa Kerslake

The Real Reason Why I'm Still Nursing My Toddler

In the throes of new motherhood I had one major goal: To make it one year breastfeeding. When we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday, what many didn’t realize was that I was celebrating something else as well: reaching that major breastfeeding mi…
By Risa Kerslake

Kegels Won’t Solve Your Postpartum Sex Issues, So Why Do We Keep Saying They Will?

Those first few times having sex after a baby were brutal, and that was even with me having a C-section. It's not something we talk much about, but postpartum issues with your pelvic floor are relatively common. Pregnancy had messed up my pelvic flo…
By Risa Kerslake

We Can't Afford A College Savings Fund Because IVF Put Us In Debt

We just opened a savings account for our daughter. Being the responsible adults that we are, we figured our kid should have a savings for when she’s older, perhaps for graduation, or money for college or a wedding. Feeling the pressure of all my frie…
By Risa Kerslake

Every New Mom Has To Make Her First Big Mistake

It came as no surprise to me that I was an overly cautious new mom— a) I’m a perfectionist by nature, b) I had had a long journey with infertility and suddenly this tiny thing I cried, pleaded, bled, and went broke for was finally here, and good lord…
By Risa Kerslake

We Need To Learn From Our Mothers To Prevent Lingering Birth Trauma

Thirty-seven years have passed since Molly, a mother from Kansas, gave birth to her daughter, but the memories have stuck with her. “As my labor progressed with no baby, my fear increased and any confidence I went in with was completely gone," she te…
By Risa Kerslake

Women Who Miscarry Early Deserve To Grieve — Here's How Hospitals Should Be Helping

When I lost my baby back in 2013, it was because of a very early miscarriage. Because of the little amount of time I spent being pregnant, it was though my child had never really existed, which made the next few years hard — I felt like they had been…
By Risa Kerslake

Can We Please Stop Lying About How All Moms Magically Bond With Their Newborns?

New motherhood should be a time of bliss and bonding. Of days spent ignoring the laundry because you’re cuddling with a newborn. But for some moms, especially those dealing with health complications or feeding problems, the ideal of cozy, oxytocin-fu…
By Risa Kerslake