"New Looney Tunes" has an Easter-themed episode available to stream on HBO Max.
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10 Easter Episodes To Watch With Your Kids That Are Sweeter Than Candy

No need to hunt for these Easter treats!

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After hunting eggs and snapping a few family photos, all that’s left to do on Easter is take a long afternoon nap. It’s a holiday requirement. If you’re tired of waiting on little ones to succumb to an inevitable sugar crash, don’t worry — we’ve found the best Easter TV episodes to watch with kids so the whole family can score some much-needed chill time.

Since Easter marks the unofficial start of spring, it’s no surprise there are several TV episodes centered on it. Kids will love going on a virtual egg hunt with their favorite characters from PAW Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Bluey. Older kids can enjoy laughing along to the Easter antics in Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons. And parents will enjoy message of practicing patience while waiting on an egg to hatch in Gabby’s Dollhouse and learning about the importance of spending time with family and friends in Springtime with Roo.

Whether you celebrate Easter for religious reasons or for those delicious chocolate bunnies (or Peeps or jellybeans or egg-shaped M&Ms; it’s all so good), the most important thing is hanging out with family. So grab some extra candy to snack on and relax on the couch with these fun Easter episodes and specials available to stream right now.

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!

If you’ve felt a void in your heart since watching Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, then you’re in luck. It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! is available to watch now. This 1974 TV special follows the Peanuts gang as they celebrate Easter. Peppermint Patty and Marcie attempt to paint eggs, although Marcie has a little bit of trouble cooking the eggs — she hilariously fries them, waffle-presses them, and roasts them. Later, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, and Marcie go shopping to prepare for Easter morning. Linus tries to convince everybody to wait for the Easter Beagle to show up, but the gang is understandably wary after the whole Great Pumpkin fiasco on Halloween. It’s definitely a cute one!

Watch It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! on Apple TV+.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: “Mickey’s Springtime Surprise”

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Mickey and Minnie set up an egg hunt for Goofy, Donald, and Daisy in “Mickey’s Springtime Surprise,” which is Season 3, Episode 3 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Kids will have fun trying to figure out Mickey and Minnie’s hints with the help of the Mouseketools to discover where the eggs are hidden. However, the pals have to hurry before Funny Bunny Pete (who is dressed like a giant pink Easter bunny!) tries to steal the eggs! Can they get all six eggs and open their special surprise afterward? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney+.

PAW Patrol: “Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt”

Every pup decorates eggs differently in Season 1, Episode 18 of PAW Patrol, “Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt.” Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, and Rubble help Mayor Goodway decorate the eggs and fill her giant Easter basket ahead of Adventure Bay’s annual Easter egg hunt. Everyone is having a blast painting eggs and getting ready for the spring festival until chaos ensues: a giant eagle swoops in to steal the basket, with Rocky and Chickaletta inside. The PAW Patrol has to rescue them in time for the egg hung. It’s going to be an adventure, for sure!

Watch PAW Patrol on Paramount+.

New Looney Tunes: “Easter Bunny Imposter/Easter Tweets”

Silly hijinks and funny moments abound in the New Looney Tunes, which features the same classic characters as the original show. In Season 2, Episode 13, “Easter Bunny Imposter/Easter Tweets,” Bugs Bunny helps the Easter Bunny deliver eggs when a group of scouts are chasing him. “Us bunnies have to stick together!” he said. However, they go after Bugs next, and it’s not easy escaping them. In the second part of the episode, Granny hires a sitter to watch Tweety on Easter Sunday. But when she leaves, Tweety discovers the sitter is actually Sylvester in disguise! The hunt is on — but instead of eggs, the cat is trying to nab the cute yellow bird.

Watch New Looney Tunes on Max.

Gabby’s Dollhouse: “Easter Kitty Bunny”

Patience may be a virtue, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Gabby and Pandy are so excited to see a cute sparkly orange egg hatch on Easter in Season 4, Episode 8 of Gabby’s Dollhouse, “Easter Kitty Bunny.” But it’s not fun waiting for the kitty bunny to appear. Kitty Fairy, MerCat, and DJ Catnip come in to distract them and help the time go by faster. With good friends and fun music, being patient isn’t so hard after all. Especially because the tiny pink kitty bunny who finally hatches is just so stinkin’ cute hopping around the Fairytale Garden!

Watch Gabby’s Dollhouse on Netflix.

Bluey: “Easter”

Oh no, the Easter bunny forgot the Heeler family! In every kid’s worst nightmare, Bingo and Bluey are sad in Season 2, Episode 51 of Bluey, “Easter,” because they are worried the Easter bunny will forget to leave them eggs to hunt like last year. Even though their mom Chilli and dad Bandit remind them that the Easter bunny didn’t forget, he was just late and explained it all in a letter (can any other parent totally relate?!). Luckily for the girls, Bluey finds some interesting clues that takes them on an exciting Easter egg treasure hunt! See? The Easter bunny would never disappoint kids — at least not two years in a row…

Watch Bluey on Disney+.

Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo

Spring marks the return of blooming flowers and sunnier days, so why does Rabbit want to stay inside and clean instead? In Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Roo just want to play and enjoy Easter in the Hundred Acre Wood. But much like Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, Rabbit is a hard taskmaster, putting everyone to work spring cleaning instead. When the day ends with a frustrated Rabbit kicking everyone out, Tigger takes Rabbit back through the book to remind him of last year’s Easter celebration. Then, the narrator shows him how sad everyone is in the present and what life would be like in the future if they stopped celebrating the holiday (hint: it’s a very lonely place).

Watch Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo on Disney+.

Teen Titans Go!: “Easter Creeps”

After noticing the Easter bunny didn’t leave eggs for them, the Teen Titans decide to find out where he is with the help of other magical creatures in Season 3, Episode 27 of Teen Titans Go!, “Easter Holiday Classic.” When Santa Claus offers to hide the eggs instead, everyone is overjoyed with the Christmas-colored eggs and snow in spring! However, Robin gets a hunch — and discovers the Easter Bunny has been kidnapped and held in Santa’s workshop as part of an evil plan for Santa to take over every holiday. Now it’s up to the Titans to save the magical beings before it’s Christmas all the time. And when Santa is this bad, year-round Christmas isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Watch Teen Titans Go! on Max, Hulu, and Cartoon Network.

Bob’s Burgers: “Eggs for Days”

Bob and Linda always get competitive when it comes to hiding eggs for their kids — they are hiding 72 eggs, after all! But this year, things don’t go haywire when they drink a little too much jellybean schnapps first. In Season 7, Episode 16 of Bob’s Burgers, “Eggs for Days,” the adults can’t remember where they hid the last egg and now their whole house smells like rotten egg. This episode shows the Belcher family enjoying some family time, helping each other out, and having a nice Easter at home. Keep in mind some mature content makes this an episode appropriate for older kids only.

Watch Bob’s Burgers on Hulu.

The Simpsons: “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas”

If your older kids are looking for laughs, turn to Season 17, Episode 7 of The Simpsons: “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas.” The episode begins at Mayor Quimby’s mansion, where Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are hunting for eggs. When the other babies keep stealing eggs from Maggie, Homer steps in to help, leading to a big fight between him and Hugs Bunny. When Marge’s friends ditch her due to her husband’s embarrassing behavior (because, of course) she turns to the members of the Cheery Red Tomatoes. The only problem? As part of Marge’s initiation into the group, they want her to break into the Burns’ house to steal $1 million. Lessons of choosing your friends wisely make this episode funny and educational!

Watch The Simpsons on Disney+.

Once you’ve made it through all these great episodes, set some time aside for a festive Easter movie or a seasonally fun spring flick everyone in the family can enjoy.

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